Gas Coffee Machines – An overview

The most traditional way of brewing coffee is direct heating. However, this technique can produce different results depending on the type of coffee maker and the brewing method it incorporates.

For this reason, today we are going to show you the different types and models of the most commonly used gas coffee machines.

Italian moka gas coffee maker

This is the most famous model of gas coffee maker and one of the first to hit the market. With this coffee machine, a strong and full-bodied coffee is prepared without it being an espresso.

It consists of 3 parts, the base, the coffee compartment and the carafe. The water flows from the base through the coffee into the carafe when the right temperature is reached.

Gas espresso coffee machine

These coffee machines are based on the design of the “Moka Pot” but have their differences as the coffee in this coffee machine is prepared with a pressure of 15 bar or more. For this reason, the coffee machine is designed to withstand these forces and is equipped with a valve that relieves the pressure inside.

The result is a coffee with a more intense flavor and a different body. This drink is usually served in smaller portions due to the high concentration of coffee in a small amount of liquid.

Gooseneck Gas Coffee Kettle

This product is very peculiar and at the same time not seen very often. Its great advantage over others is that it offers us more versatility. Because with this kettle you can not only boil water, but also prepare tea or drip coffee.

This kettle features a single body that:

  • Has the shape of an igloo.
  • Has an airtight lid.
  • Has a handle on the side.
  • Features a swan neck spout that gives it its name.

Pros and cons of a gooseneck coffee maker

This coffee maker is designed to brew coffee using the drip method. This entails a few things:

Advantages gooseneck coffee makerDisadvantages gooseneck coffee maker
You have full control over the preparation.The flow of water through the gooseneck is constant and precise.A separate filter and container are required as the product only heats the water.

Olla Brewer gas coffee maker

It is a one-body brewing machine that brews the coffee using the immersion method. This brewer brews the coffee internally, but does not filter it. We therefore advise you to use a filter before serving.

  • First the water is heated.
  • Before the water boils, add the ground coffee and remove the brewer from the heat.
  • Once the coffee has rested for a few minutes, we filter and serve it.

Pros and cons of a gas brew pot coffee maker

This coffee maker is popular with coffee lovers and pros alike, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Benefits of gas brew pot coffee makerDisadvantages gas brew pot coffee maker
A preparation guarantees a coffee with a correct extraction of aromas and oils that give it an unmistakable taste.Easy cleaning.The preparation time usually takes longer than with other coffee machines.You must control the temperature and the rest time, which should not be too long or too short.

Gas percolator coffee maker

This coffee maker is very different from any we’ve seen before. In most cases, this product is designed for the production of large quantities of coffee and does not have a surface suitable for direct heat.

Instead, this canister-shaped coffee maker features:

  • An inlet for the gas connection and some kind of internal burner.
  • A coffee spout.
  • A lower compartment for water and an upper compartment for coffee.
  • Legs that serve as a base.
  • A capacity that can range from 15 to 60 cups of coffee.

In addition, it is very easy to use.

  • First you fill the water tank.
  • Then we put in the ground coffee.
  • Then we turn on the burner.
  • Once the water is hot, the steam rises and mixes with the coffee.
  • The steam is then filtered through a pipe, leaving the coffee grounds at the bottom of the coffee maker.

Pros and cons of a percolator type coffee maker

There are a few points to note about this coffee maker:

Advantages percolatorDisadvantages percolator
You can prepare large quantities of coffee.More safety as there is no open flame.Requires no additional items.Preparation time is longer.Cleaning is cumbersome.The slightly slower brewing process can increase acidity.


All gas coffee makers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What they all have in common, however, is that they are portable and can be used independently of a power connection. Also, with all devices, you need to pay attention to the preparation aspects such as temperature or time.