Is a Gas Coffee Maker worth it?

Why should you buy a gas coffee maker?

There are several reasons that make a gas coffee machine recommended:

Speed of preparation with gas coffee machines

Gas coffee machines are characterized by their speed when preparing coffee. Since the water is heated directly by the fire, it heats up quickly and the process does not take long.

However, this is a double-edged sword as the temperature can rise too quickly and the water will reach boiling point in a matter of seconds.

Economy of gas coffee machines

One of the greatest strengths of a gas coffee maker is its economy, both in the short and long term:

  • The initial price of a gas coffee maker is usually lower than alternatives with electricity or more advanced features.
  • Over time you will find that gas consumption is almost imperceptible compared to electricity consumption.
  • the majority of these gas coffee makers do not contain any parts that require regular maintenance; a good cleaning is more than enough to prevent long-term damage. In addition, most of the parts are very easy to replace in case of damage or loss.

Ease of use of gas coffee machines

Although these coffee makers aren’t automatic, that doesn’t mean they’re complicated to use. On the contrary, they are very easy to use. All you have to do is:

  • Fill in the water.
  • Depending on the model of the gas coffee machine, you can fill in the coffee at the beginning or later.
  • Turn on the stove.
  • Check the time and temperature.

Coffee flavor with a gas coffee maker

Depending on the type of gas coffee maker, there are different ways of making coffee, from drip coffee to espresso. Yet they all have the taste of home, the taste that reminds us of home. It may be nostalgic, but there’s no doubt that many people prefer coffee that’s prepared the traditional way.

Versatility of gas coffee machines

Gas coffee makers are the most versatile on the market, they come in all sizes, styles, brands, prices and purposes. There is sure to be a coffee maker for every need.

Portability of Gas Coffee Makers

  • Gas-powered coffee machines are mostly made of aluminum or stainless steel, which makes them light, shockproof and resistant to aging.
  • In addition, gas coffee machines are quite compact compared to other coffee machines.
  • Finally, you can easily transport them as they do not require a power outlet or plug to operate.

Why is a Gas Coffee Maker Great for Outdoor Activities?

  • It requires no electricity, but no gas either. These coffee makers can be used over any heat source such as campfires or grills.
  • They can also be used for other purposes, e.g. B. to boil water or brew tea.

Why not buy a gas coffee maker?

Given all of these points, you might think that these coffee makers are the perfect products. However, a gas coffee maker is not necessarily the best choice, as there are other, technically better alternatives with different characteristics. Therefore, there are some negative points to consider.

  • Not an automatic product: no matter how easy it is to use, there is always a risk of ruining the end result.
  • The taste: Direct heat gives the coffee a different body and bitterness, which does not appeal to all palates.
  • Features are limited: Each gas coffee maker is only designed to brew a specific type of coffee.
  • Most gas coffee makers are intended for domestic use: although they can make coffee quite quickly and efficiently, their overall capacity is very small. So, if you want to brew multiple cups, you have to repeat the process multiple times. This means more time and a greater risk that the machine will eventually fail.
  • Safety: As with any item used over an open flame, there is always a risk of burns. Be careful as the heat causes the body of the coffee maker to reach quite high temperatures.


As you can see, gas coffee makers are not a perfect product, but we believe that no product is perfect. However, we have no hesitation in recommending a gas coffee maker because, although it has disadvantages, it is an economical product that does its job very well.