How do You Prepare the Best Coffee with an Italian Coffee Maker?

Italian coffee makers, also known as moka machines, are one of the most popular products in the coffee world.

What is an Italian coffee maker made of?

These coffee machines are characterized by their simplicity and efficiency. First of all, we have to remind you that Moka coffee machines consist of 3 main parts:

The lower chamber or base

This is the part that absorbs the heat directly. Therefore, it must have a robust and resistant structure. Most models are aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the model and price.

This part of the coffee machine serves as a water reservoir and usually has a valve with which the pressure can be released in a controlled manner.

The coffee basket or funnel

Made of the same material as the previous one, this part is a basket with very thin holes through which the water flows. Here the coffee is stored and pressed (not too strong). This funnel must be screwed onto the top of the base.

The upper chamber or carafe

This is the container that the coffee will pour into once it’s ready. She keeps the materials of the rest of the product in harmony. This carafe has a lid, a spout and a handle. This part is located in the upper part of the coffee maker and is screwed onto the basket with the help of a filter and a gasket that prevents liquids from leaking out.

How does an Italian coffee maker work?

As mentioned earlier, Italian coffee makers are very simple, and the same goes for how they work.

  • As soon as the water comes into contact with the heat source, the temperature of the water begins to rise.
  • Before it reaches the boiling point, the water and steam rise to the basket with the coffee.
  • Finally, the water-coffee mixture rests in the top carafe.

This process happens very quickly.

How do you prepare coffee with an Italian coffee maker? step by step

  • First of all, the coffee maker must be cleaned, not only for reasons of hygiene, but also to recognize the parts and the order in which our product is assembled.
  • The next basic step is choosing the coffee you are going to use. It goes without saying that the better the quality of the coffee, the better the result. We recommend that you only grind the beans just before brewing. Coffee should be ground medium coarse.
  • Once you have set the above points, you can pour water into the base; many models of coffee machines indicate the maximum capacity. If this is not the case for you, we recommend that you keep the water level lower than the valve position. If you wish, you can fill in pre-heated water, this saves time and prevents the coffee from being exposed to the heat of the flame.
  • Right after that we should put the coffee in the basket. The amount of coffee depends on how much water you use and how full you want the end result to be. Don’t forget to press the coffee, but don’t forget not to press it too hard.
  • When we have assembled the base and the funnel, we put the filter and the plastic gasket that will act as a seal to prevent the coffee from leaking out.
  • Finally, the jug is screwed tight.
  • The brewing time depends on the starting temperature of the water, the amount of water and the height of the flame. In any case, the waiting times are very short.
  • When the water temperature has reached 80 degrees Celsius, the water starts to rise due to the pressure.
  • At this moment, the infusion of water and coffee takes place. At this moment it is important that you control the intensity of the flame because you do not want it to reach boiling point as this will alter the taste by increasing the acidity of the drink.
  • As soon as the jug is half full, you will hear a characteristic sound, which is caused by the fact that there is only a little water left in the tank and bubbles are created by the heat.
  • At this point we must remove the coffee maker from the heat source and close the lid, we only have to wait for the carafe to fill up completely.
  • Finally, we can serve and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


Italian coffee makers are one of the best buys in the world of coffee. They are economical and durable, as well as easy to use and clean.