Make your own Coffee Filter

There are two types of coffee filters:

  • Disposable filters and
  • Reusable filters.

The latter can be used many times, but ultimately also have a limited lifespan. So, if you ever want to prepare coffee and don’t have a filter at hand, we will show you a number of alternatives here on how you can prepare coffee at home with very simple means and in a matter of seconds.

Various filter options for the home

First of all, not every fabric that lets liquid through and retains solids can be used as a filter, as aspects such as the flavor and body of the coffee are paramount to the end result. There are many fabrics that have been printed or dyed with chemicals that are unfit for consumption.

Therefore, most filters are made of cotton fabric, preferably in a plain color version. Below are what we think are the best options.

Homemade basket filter

This filter is the easiest to make because it doesn’t require sewing or difficult work steps.

Materials needed for homemade basket filter

  • 2 rectangular pieces of cotton fabric large enough to take the shape of the basket and overhang a little.
  • A piece of gauze or a napkin if you don’t have one.
  • Scissors if the cloth is too big.

How is the homemade basket filter made?

  • Lay the first piece of fabric horizontally on a flat surface, e.g. B. a table.
  • In the center of the rectangle place the gauze or blank paper napkin, which should be similar in size to the filter anchor.
  • On top of it lay the other piece of fabric, but in a vertical position, making a cross, in the center of which is the gauze or paper filter.
  • Immediately after that, take the cross, leaving the middle at the bottom in the space for the filter, while the ends should stick out.
  • Now you can fill in the ground coffee.
  • Then close the coffee maker while pinching the excess edges of the cloth in the lid and holding the filter in place.
  • Finally, you can put the coffee machine into operation.

Advantages of the homemade basket filter

  • It’s easy and simple to do.
  • He is very economical.

Disadvantages of the homemade basket filter

  • Because it is an overlapping structure, meaning there are no seams or body, you need to assemble the filter each time you want to use it. While this is not difficult, it can be time-consuming and tedious.
  • The gauze needs to be changed periodically as it has a very short lifespan. However, if you use a paper napkin, you can only use it once, as it decomposes when wet.

Homemade conical coffee filter

As the name suggests, this coffee filter is the typical cone-shaped coffee filter. In contrast to the previous filter, this filter requires more material and a slightly longer process. But that’s not too bad.

Materials needed for homemade conical coffee filter

  • A rectangle of cotton fabric that is slightly larger than a regular filter.
  • A conical filter that you will throw away.
  • Scissors
  • Preferably a sewing machine (not essential) or needle and thread for hand sewing.
  • A metal or plastic ring the size of the cone’s opening, if it has a handle, all the better. It may come from an old sieve.

How is the Homemade Conical Coffee Filter made?

  • First, we fold the fabric in half.
  • Then we use the old screen as a template or form, lay it closed on the fabric, making sure the corners match, and then leave an extra inch at the bottom, which will be the fabric that will support the seam.
  • Once the spacing is clear we can draw the outline on the fabric and cut it out.
  • When the fabric is cut we open it and we have 2 sides that are exactly the same with a shape that looks like a heart.
  • Now it’s time to sew the cone. To do this, we use the centimeter that we left earlier, which will be the center of the seam. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to do this with a sewing machine, but it is preferable for both aesthetics and durability and strength.
  • Then we need to connect the opening of the cone to the hoop to make it complete.
  • The filter can then be used as usual.

Benefits of Homemade Conical Coffee Filter

  • It requires only one assembly.
  • It has a longer lifespan because it does not contain materials that degrade after a few uses.

Disadvantages of the homemade conical coffee filter

  • The assembly is a bit more complicated.

Which filter is better?

 basket filterConical filter
Affects tasteNoNo

More options for coffee filters

There are other alternatives you can consider such as B.

  • A strainer made from a cheesecloth, although technically this is not a filter.
  • Kitchen towels and cloth napkins, which are only used to absorb the ground coffee and allow the liquid to pass through.

They are only recommended if you have no other filter available.