Clever Dripper – Everything you need to know

In this blog we present you all the information about the Clever Dripper, from its history and origins to how it works and practical tips to different flavor profiles.

What is the Clever Dripper?

The Clever Dripper is an innovative manual coffee maker that has evolved as an alternative to piston and drip machines, allowing for precise and controlled coffee brewing.

This innovative alternative to automatic coffee machines is very popular with coffee lovers and baristas who want more flexibility when preparing their favorite beverage.

The Clever Dripper is an extremely versatile and easy-to-use device consisting of a socketed cone and a release valve or plunger that is placed on a cup or carafe to brew coffee.

The device resembles a giant coffee mug with a lid and a valve at the bottom through which the coffee flows. The Clever Dripper uses a paper or cloth filter to separate the ground coffee beans from the water that remains in contact with the ground coffee beans throughout the brewing process.

An essential tip for preparing the best coffee with your Clever Dripper is the coffee grinder.

History and development of the Clever Dripper

The history of the Clever Dripper dates back to the early 2000s when American entrepreneur and inventor Alan Adler was working on a new way to brew coffee at home.

Adler, who is also the inventor of the Aeropress, had in mind a solution for coffee lovers who yearned for a more precise way to control the intensity of the flavor and brew.

The Clever Dripper was patented in 2009 and has since grown in popularity around the world. Although Adler is the inventor and patentee of the Clever Dripper, the design of the coffee maker was influenced by several designers and manufacturers, including British designer George Sowden.

Sowden is known for his innovative designs and focus on aesthetic functionality, transforming the beautiful and harmonious into something useful and practical.

Working with Adler, Sowden and his design group helped refine the Clever Dripper ‘s design, making the brewer an indispensable tool for coffee lovers around the world.

Highlights of the Clever Dripper

Here’s a timeline of the Clever Dripper ‘s most memorable moments


The launch of the Clever Dripper by the US company Abid. At that time, the coffee maker was characterized by its innovative design and its simplicity, manageability and ease of use, which made it accessible to anyone who wanted to prepare a very good quality coffee at home.


The Clever Dripper receives the “Best New Coffee Maker” award at the annual Seattle Coffee Show, one of the coffee industry’s most important events.

This event brings together coffee experts from all over the world, from producers and roasters to baristas and enthusiasts, where the latest trends in the coffee industry are presented and the best innovations in the field are honored.

Dripper’s success in the coffee world.


Taiwanese company Loveramics is collaborating with Abid to launch a porcelain-based version of the Clever Dripper.

This new version not only had a different aesthetic and style, but also improved the quality of the coffee by allowing even more precise control of the extraction than the previous version.

The porcelain version of the Clever Dripper was well received by the coffee lover community and in coffeeshops and specialty stores around the world, and the collaboration between Abid and Loveramics underscored the importance of design and innovation in the manufacture of quality coffee tools.


Awarded the “Best New Product” award at the World of Coffee exhibition in Amsterdam.

The Clever Dripper was selected by a jury of coffee and design experts who evaluated all the products presented at the show.

She decided that the Clever Dripper should receive this award, once again confirming the quality and efficiency of its design and the growing popularity of this device among coffee lovers around the world.


In 2020 an improved version of the Clever Dripper was launched. This new version features a number of improvements, including an improved drain valve and a more ergonomic design that makes it easier to use and clean.

The improved release valve allows for more precise control of extraction time and improves the quality of the resulting cup of coffee. In addition, thanks to the new ergonomic design, the Clever Dripper is easier to use and clean, making it even more attractive to coffee lovers around the world.

Design process

The design process for the Clever Dripper was meticulous and thorough. The designers focused on creating a device capable of brewing a perfect cup of coffee while being easy to use and versatile.

To achieve this, they used a combination of different traditional and modern design techniques and worked closely with coffee and coffee machine experts, baristas and end users to develop a product that meets their needs and expectations.

The design team tested several prototypes of the Clever Dripper before settling on the final design. With each iteration, it adjusted and improvements to ensure the coffee maker met the desired standards of quality and functionality.

The designers also focused on creating an attractive, modern aesthetic for the brewer, using quality materials and a minimalist design, all with the premise of British designer George Sowden’s functional aesthetic.

Overall, the design process for the Clever Dripper was a collaborative and painstaking endeavor that considered the needs of the end user and focused on creating a high quality and easy to use device. The result is an innovative hand brew machine that has gained popularity among coffee lovers around the world.

Advantages of the Clever Dripper

  • Flavor and Aroma: The Clever Dripper allows the user to extract coffee flavor and aroma more completely and evenly, resulting in a cup of coffee with excellent taste and aroma.
  • Range of Uses: The Clever Dripper offers greater control over the user’s coffee extraction range of uses, allowing strength, intensity and brewing time to be tailored to the individual preferences of the end user, making it highly versatile for both home and commercial use.
  • Beverage Variety: The Clever Dripper is easy to use and requires no special skills to brew a quality cup of coffee. It is intuitive to use and offers the user a wide range of drinks that can be prepared with its help, because this machine is suitable for preparing any type of coffee, be it filter coffee, espresso or a latte variant.
  • Sensitivity and Storage: The Clever Dripper is an affordable option compared to other high-end coffee makers, its materials and dimensions not only make it a good choice for any budget, even the tightest, but also allows for easy storage in small or cramped kitchens.

Disadvantages of the Clever Dripper

  • Preparation time: The Clever Dripper requires a slightly longer preparation time than other coffee preparation methods, which at first glance makes it appear to be a slower or less efficient device, however, this longer time compares to other devices in terms of preparation times, coffee dispensing and cleaning or maintenance.
  • Cleaning: The Clever Dripper needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use to ensure optimal taste and aroma, which may be a disadvantage for some users since, unlike other machines, it does not have its own jugs in which to deposit the coffee, where it must remain until the drink is served.
  • Coffee quantity: The Clever Dripper is designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time, maximum two if the cups are smaller in volume than the regular cups; this can be a disadvantage for those who want to brew large quantities of coffee.

Care and cleaning of the Clever Dripper

To keep your Clever Dripper in peak condition and to prolong its life, it is highly recommended that you give it a thorough cleaning after each use, give it a deep clean from time to time, service the drain valve or plunger, look after the porcelain and store it properly.

Dismantling and basic cleaning

Disassembling the Clever Dripper is a fairly simple operation, but one that can be very useful; it is sufficient to remove the filter and the lid. Basic cleaning is done with warm soapy water, gently rubbed with a sponge, kitchen towel or fiber cloth. It is recommended that all parts of the device be washed, rinsed and dried thoroughly after each use before reassembling.

Deep cleaning

The manufacturer recommends a thorough and thorough cleaning from time to time to remove all coffee residues that have accumulated in hard-to-reach places to avoid the accumulation of oils resulting from the evaporation of water and the brewing of coffee. To do this, it is very useful to mix water and vinegar in equal parts and soak the Clever Dripper in it for about 30 minutes. It should then be rinsed off with plenty of warm water and mild soap. For stubborn residue, a soft brush or sponge can be used to clean.

Servicing the drain valve or plunger

The drain valve, also known as the plunger, is an important part of the Clever Dripper as it is responsible for controlling the flow of coffee. It is important to keep it clean and well lubricated to ensure its proper functioning throughout the life of the device; this avoids future expenses for maintenance or replacement of the part.

To clean, remove the valve cover and clean it with a soft brush to remove any residue that may build up over time and rinse well with water. You can use a few drops of vegetable oil to lubricate the valve, but remember never to use other types of lubricating oils as they may come into contact with the drink or preparation, causing poisoning, health problems or damage to the machine.

Care of the porcelain

If you have bought a porcelain Clever Dripper, you should remember that this version is not only beautiful and unique, but also requires special care. It is important to avoid bumps and falls as porcelain is fragile and at best will only crack or crack, at worst it will break in two.

The manufacturer does not recommend cleaning it in the dishwasher as the heat and pressure could damage it or weaken its structure.


All in all, the Clever Dripper is an excellent alternative for coffee lovers looking for an easy, convenient and affordable way to brew their favorite beverage with a rich, full flavor.

With its innovative design, great versatility and easy maintenance, the Clever Dripper has positioned itself among the best machines for the home.

If you are looking for a way to make quality coffee at home or in the office, the Clever Dripper is one of the machines that you should definitely include in your selection.