15 Smells you can Eliminate with Coffee

The smell of coffee is very dominant, which is why it is used in many parts of the world to neutralize other, mostly unpleasant, smells.

Eliminate the smell of food

It’s no secret that when cooking, the smoke and steam spread a lot of smells. Fried foods in particular, whether fish, meat, potatoes, etc., often get stuck in the kitchen, even if the pot or pan is no longer on the stove.

In this case we can use the coffee in two different ways.

  • The first is to use the coffee grounds with some dish soap, which will remove grease and odor from pots and pans and also get rid of any burnt bits left on them.
  • The second option is to put the coffee on a flat plate and place it in the kitchen. You should use fresh coffee powder here and not the coffee grounds.

Eliminate the smell of sweat with coffee

The smell of sweat is easier to find than you think. It can occur in places where sports are practiced, e.g. in gyms, ballrooms, etc.

Choose a central point in the room and place an “ampule” filled with coffee (I’ll explain how to make it below) so that the smell spreads throughout the room.

How to make a coffee stocking


  • Half women’s tights
  • Coffee powder
  • Bow or ribbon


You need the end of the stocking (where you put your foot). You put coffee powder in it and you tie a knot with the ribbon, bow or even the same stocking.

The stocking has small holes and therefore allows the smell to escape. It is a good indoor aromatizer. But above all, it absorbs the bad smells in closed rooms.

The caffeine found in coffee is also nitrogen, a compound that increases the carbon’s ability to absorb sulfur, thus trapping the bad smell.

Avoid bad smells from carpets with coffee

Carpets always have a bad smell because they contain different smells from all the shoes. The effective way to fight them is with the wonderful coffee.

First wash the carpet, soak it in vinegar and rinse it. Once the carpet is dry, you can spray it with brewed coffee.

Eliminate bad smells from your car with coffee

You can also use a coffee stocking in the car. Simply place this under the driver’s seat and the bad smells will be neutralized.

Get rid of the bad smell of your shoes with coffee

Odor arises because the human body has glands that are spread over the entire surface of the body. These glands are eccrine and apocrine. However, these odors can be successfully combated with coffee bags.


  • Teabag
  • Coffee
  • Grains of rice
  • Thread
  • Needle


Cut off one side of the tea bag, take out all the contents (tea), put the coffee and some grains of rice inside, and then use a needle and thread to sew up the hole.

These bags only have to be put into the shoes, making sure that the shoe is not damp or wet.

Get rid of bad smells in the bathroom with coffee

Bad smells also exist in the bathroom, and it is almost unnecessary to mention the reason for this, here too there are several tips

  • The first is that you put a coffee bomb in the trash before you put the plastic bag in it, as we mentioned in the previous points.
  • The second tip is very similar. Look for a strategic area, either in the drawer, under the sink, or hidden among the new toilet paper.

Eliminate the smell of garbage

Garbage can smell very bad. First you should wash your trash can and then dry it. Then put coffee powder in the trash can. Then put in a new garbage bag and that’s it.

Eliminate the smell of your pet’s excrement

This recommendation is one of the most famous and traditional in Colombia.

First you wash the feces away with soap, water and a brush. After cleaning, wait until the floor is dry. Then pour plenty of coffee on it, let it work for 30 to 50 minutes and you’re done.

Get rid of the greasy smell in your kitchen

There will always be a mix of smells in kitchens because different foods are cooked there. That’s why we recommend mixing soap powder and coffee in a cup. Apply this to the floor as if you were mopping, but let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes first. However, don’t let it dry out.

Then just remove everything with water.

Eliminate bad smells in your closet

Unpleasant odors develop in the wardrobe because the clothes have been stored for a long time. One of the simplest solutions, and one that smells even better, is to set up a coffee bomb.

One must be very careful when placing the coffee bomb as it can stain the laundry.

Bring a delicious scent into your home

You can buy coffee flavors that are already specialized and mixed with other chemicals, but we also have the option to make flavors ourselves.


  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Flavored fabric softener
  • Brewed coffee

Pour the whole thing into the spray bottle so you can spray it all over the house.

Shake well before use and you’re done. With these two fragrances, the house always smells fresh.

Get rid of the bad smell of your broom

The broom that picks up the “dirt” of our home always looks dirty and smells bad because it picks up sand, hair and debris.

In this case, wash the broom, put some coffee in a bucket and soak for a day, then the bristles will be cleaner.

This could also be done with the mop; however, the brown color tends to penetrate and stain the mop.

Remove odors from the refrigerator

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge for a few weeks, you sometimes get surprises. Food in particular can develop strong odors.

In such cases, you can clean the refrigerator as usual, preferably turning it off so as not to waste energy. When washing, use kitchen soap, clean it, and after drying, spray coffee on the area where there was, for example, expired food. In many cases, stains and odors remain.

Leave the coffee for a few minutes and then remove it. You can also clean with vinegar afterwards.

Eliminate bad smells from your suitcases with coffee

Sometimes bad smells develop in our luggage and we don’t know why. Something can also leak when transporting organic materials.

In this case, you clean the case as usual, either hand wash it or machine wash it, and when it’s dry, you put a coffee bag inside.

The coffee bags are made from tea bags, you cut a hole in them with scissors, remove the tea (which you can use to make a drink), then insert the coffee and seal the hole with a needle and thread. These bags will not cause any harm in your suitcase and will make it smell better.