Royal Paris – The most luxurious coffee machine in the world

The coffee maker market is getting bigger and bigger every day. New brands and new models enrich the industry. As such, one can find cheap or expensive coffee makers, with the most expensive usually also being the most professional.

However, today we are going to talk about the Royal Paris brand.

History of the Royal Paris brand

The Royal Paris brand has specialized in the production of various handcrafted coffee machines that impress with their high-quality materials as well as their eye-catching design and price. The coffee machines are made by hand piece by piece. Because of this, the production and assembly process is a bit slow and about 8 coffee machines are made per month, depending on the model. Despite this, a constant flow of customers and orders is maintained.

Royal Paris has always cared about coffee and is constantly looking for the best results. This in terms of a higher quality, both in terms of aroma, body and taste.

This quest is inspired by the stories of imperial banquets in the mid-19th century, where every emperor wanted to offer his guests the best menu, and by then coffee was already an important beverage.

In this way, Royal Paris wants to continue the dream of a coffee with properties similar to those of the past. So much so that they’ve dubbed ” the royal way ” the best way to make coffee. Of course, you not only have to master the technique, but also use one of their glamorous coffee machines.

The Royal Paris coffee maker catalogue

The brand offers its customers a catalog full of style and good taste, with a wide variety of options. These differ in material, design and of course price, although we can’t say that any of these are really made for the general public. All coffee machines have the same design:

  • A base whose material can be chosen depending on the model.
  • A scale with 2 containers: the first one made of Baccarat glass, in which the ground coffee is placed. The second, made of the material chosen by the customer, into which the water is poured.
  • A burner at the bottom of the water tank.
  • A tap on the water tank.
  • A dropper that connects the two containers together.
  • A lid for each container.
  • A coffee scoop.

Below are the 5 options Royal Paris is offering today.

Avant-garde coffee machine from Royal Paris

This is a coffee maker that could well be described as a gem. They call the preparation with this coffee machine “royal” or “royal way “. This coffee machine is so special because:

  • It was designed by the French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort.
  • A base consists of high-quality materials such as black obsidian, azurite and malachite.
  • Finishing in copper, silver, two-tone or 24k gold.
  • Bespoke Baccarat Crystal Vessel.
  • The price varies depending on the choice of materials and ranges from $16,200 to $23,800.

Royal Paris Versailles coffee maker

This coffee maker corresponds to the concept of “functional art” because it is not only an aesthetic work of art, but also a product that allows to prepare an espresso of the highest quality. Thanks to its style, beauty and class, it is considered a product worthy of the “Great Gatsby”. It is more luxurious than its predecessor.

  • It has a number of engravings and carvings on the glass and some additional decorations on the case.
  • A base with high-quality materials such as black obsidian, azurite and malachite.
  • Finishing in copper, silver, two-tone or 24 carat gold.
  • This coffee maker is priced between $19,000 and $26,000.

Royal Paris Heirloom Coffee Maker

As the name suggests, this coffee maker is an object that is passed down from generation to generation. Made to order only, it can be engraved with initials, messages or names, increasing its exclusivity.

This coffee maker is the same as the “Versailles” except that you can have whatever you want engraved on it. Note that the price depends on the length of the engraving.

The basic price remains the same as for the “Versailles”, but will be increased according to the engraving.

Royal Paris Modern Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is the cheapest on the list, although it’s not cheap. This coffee maker tries to convey a “neoclassic” style while at the same time being a bit soberer than the previous ones.

  • Available in copper, silver, two-tone or 24k gold.
  • Solid wooden base.
  • The cost of this coffee maker ranges from $8,950 to $14,600.

Royal Paris Classic

This is the brand’s traditional design, which reflects the elegance of the brand and serves as the basis for the other models, hence the similarity between all models. The design is based on the royal traditions and tries to recreate the times when every event became a luxurious event.

  • Available in copper, silver, two-tone or 24k gold.
  • Solid wooden base.
  • Price between $10,350 and $16,250.

How to use a Royal Paris coffee maker?

  • Operating the coffee maker is very simple as it is automatic.
  • First, the ground coffee is placed in the glass container.
  • Then fill the water at room temperature in the other container.
  • As soon as the containers are closed, you can turn on the cooker.
  • When the correct temperature is reached, the container is raised and the water flows through the pipette into the coffee.
  • Now the coffee is poured with the water and the liquid flows through the pipette again.
  • The ground coffee stays in the glass container while the drink goes to the other side and is ready to be served thanks to the included tap.

What kind of coffee is made in a Royal Paris coffee maker?

This coffee maker has been designed to brew coffee with a quality and body reminiscent of espresso.

The designers claim that the Royal Paris coffee makers are the only ones that can add liqueur or spices before brewing.

Why buy a Royal Paris coffee maker?

There are several reasons why a Royal Paris coffee maker is a good choice, of course only if you can afford to spend such sums on a coffee maker.

  • These products are very exclusive, there are very few devices on the market.
  • The quality of the materials is very good.
  • The texture, aroma and taste of the coffee are very good as they can control the temperature of the water and no external filters are used to alter the taste.
  • They are considered works of art.
  • The aesthetic blends classic and contemporary styles, allowing them to blend seamlessly into a variety of settings.


Royal Paris products are aimed at a very specific audience as their prices are not affordable for a large part of the population. We recommend buying one of these coffee makers if the price is within your budget, if you like quality coffee, and if you’re interested in the extras we’ve mentioned in this article.