Glass Coffee Makers – Models, Advantages and Disadvantages

Coffee machines are also sometimes made of tempered glass or crystal, which can withstand high temperatures.

Below we will look at what types of glass coffee makers there are and what the pros and cons are.

Types of glass coffee makers

Glass french press

This is one of the most popular models around the world. It is a machine with a piston that applies downward pressure, hence the name “press” or “press”.

Advantages of the glass french press

  • The press is very easy to use.
  • You can find products in every price range.
  • Accessories are available.

Disadvantages of the French glass press

  • Flavor loss and increased bitterness if mishandled.
  • Difficulty cleaning the plunger.
  • Depending on the quality and choice of glass, one must pay attention to the fragility of the glass.

Glass filter coffee machines

These machines have a more classic design and feature a filter that is separate from the body of the coffee maker. You may have also heard that they are called ” pour over “.

In this case it is important to know that the filter can be made of materials such as stainless steel, glass, ceramic or plastic, which will affect its lifespan.

Remember that some models include a container for the coffee, the so-called “server”, in which you can serve the coffee directly.

Advantages of glass filter coffee machines

  • The coffee is prepared entirely manually. As a user, you can influence the result.
  • Glass filter coffee machines are cheap.

Disadvantages of glass filter coffee machines

  • When over-extracted, coffee can taste bitter.
  • Variations are limited.
  • The brewing process can be a bit slow.

Glass coffee machines with tap or vacuum coffee machines

This type of coffee maker is made entirely of glass. They have a slightly retro style reminiscent of the instruments used in chemistry class.

Advantages of a glass coffee maker with a tap or a vacuum coffee maker

This coffee maker is not only one of the most eye-catching models, but also has some advantages, such as: e.g.:

  • The cloth filters are reusable and environmentally friendly.
  • Control over the preparation and the even distribution of coffee and water throughout the process.

Disadvantages of the glass coffee maker with a tap or vacuum coffee maker

  • Be careful as this type of coffee maker has an open flame, so it can be a bit dangerous to handle and difficult to assemble.
  • The container does not keep the temperature of the brewed coffee for long. When the brewing process is complete, your coffee will cool down after just a few seconds.

Italian glass coffee maker

These coffee makers combine metal, either aluminum or stainless steel, with glass as they are designed for use on the stove top with direct heat. They are also known as “Moka” coffee makers and while these have always been very popular, they are not as easy to find today as they used to be.

Benefits of the Italian Glass Coffee Maker

  • The “Moka” is relatively inexpensive, durable and compact.
  • Making coffee is relatively quick and easy, allowing you to brew a cup in under two minutes.

Disadvantages of the Italian glass coffee maker

  • The machine must be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
  • The glass parts can break.
  • Therefore, the parts must be cleaned individually.

Glass cold brew coffee maker

This coffee machine can be built more easily because it is not exposed to temperature fluctuations. In this case, the coffee is brewed cold.

Advantages of the glass cold brew coffee maker

  • Since the coffee is brewed cold, there is no need to change the container.
  • Coffee does not become bitter even with a long brewing time. This is because many substances are not released when the heat is absent.
  • These machines are cheap.

Disadvantages of the glass cold brew coffee maker

  • These types of coffee makers are usually not built very sturdily.

Which glass coffee maker should I buy?

Below we show you a table that best summarizes this information.

Glass coffee machinesEasy to handleControl during preparationInexpensivePreparation speed
French pressYesNoYesFast
filter machineNoYesYesSlow
vacuum machineNoYesNoSlow
Cold BrewYesNoYesSlow