The 15 Best Coffees in Colombia: A Comprehensive Guide

Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide for its quality and rich flavors. When evaluating the best Colombian coffees, personal taste plays a significant role. Whether you prefer a bitter brew or something milder, Colombia offers a diverse range of coffees to suit every palate. This guide, based on extensive research, presents the 15 best Colombian coffees in beans, ground, and instant forms.

The Best Colombian Coffee Beans

5. Huila Sur Blend Coffee (Finca Azahar)

  • Origin: Huila
  • Tasting Notes: Caramel, strawberries, cocoa
  • Roasting Degree: Medium-strong
  • Specialty: Grown in Pitalito, Palestina, and Acevedo; deep roasting process for a balanced, sugar-rich flavor profile.

4. Espresso Coffee (Valle Umbra)

  • Origin: Risaralda
  • Tasting Notes: Caramelized, fruity tones, sweet hints
  • Roasting Degree: Medium
  • Highlight: Produced by small farmers; renowned for its balanced, dense body and sweet, caramelized notes.

3. Premium Selection (Juan Valdez)

  • Origin: Various regions
  • Tasting Notes: Semi-dried grape sweet
  • Roasting Degree: Medium-high
  • Recognition: A leading brand in Colombia; known for its intense flavors and long-lasting taste.

2. Gourmet Coffee (Café Quindío)

  • Origin: Quindío
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, sweet, medium acidity
  • Roasting Degree: Medium
  • Popularity: One of the country’s most popular coffees; offers a variety of flavor profiles including caramelized tones and floral notes.

1. Colombian Supremo (Volcanica Coffee)

  • Origin: Colombian Andes
  • Tasting Notes: Mild acidity, nutty, fruity notes
  • Roasting Degree: Medium
  • Quality: Fair Trade certified; known for its floral, fruity aroma and well-balanced medium body.

The Best Colombian Ground Coffees

5. San Alberto Ground Coffee

  • Origin: Quindío
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, fruity, caramelized, chocolate aromas
  • Roasting Degree: Medium to strong
  • Tradition: A family business focused on quality and tradition; creamy body with dark chocolate and fruity acidity.

4. Roasted and Ground Coffee (Águila Roja)

  • Origin: Cauca and Valle del Cauca
  • Profile: Known for its good price and standard quality; a preferred everyday coffee in Colombia.

3. Ibagué, Tolima Coffee (Pergamino)

  • Origin: Ibagué, Tolima
  • Tasting Notes: Black tea, plum, sweet panela, tangerine citrus
  • Legacy: A family company with over 35 years of experience; offering quality beans and ground coffee for both local and international markets.

2. Sierra Nevada Origin Coffee (Juan Valdez)

  • Origin: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, creamy chocolate
  • Roasting Degree: Dark
  • Distinction: Tribute to the Sierra Nevada mountains; known for its strong aroma, low acidity, and heavy body.

1. Gourmet Coffee (Amor Perfecto)

  • Origin: Nariño
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus, fruity, chocolate, panela, honey
  • Roasting Degree: Medium
  • Excellence: A leader in the specialty coffee market; offering a range of coffee-related products and known for its high-quality, designation of origin beans.

The Best Colombian Instant Coffees

5. Colcafé Clásico (Colcafé)

  • Profile: A soft, classic flavor; a staple in the daily life of Colombians.

4. Lukafe Sublime (Lukafe)

  • Origin: Caldas
  • Innovation: Over two years in development; brings the essence of fresh ground coffee from Colombia’s plantations.

3. Instant Amaretto Coffee (Café Buendía)

  • Tasting Notes: Liqueur and nuts
  • Unique: Combines medium-bodied Colombian coffee with intense amaretto flavors; offers an unusual but appealing taste.

2. Nescafé Artesano Antioquia (Nescafé)

  • Origin: Antioquia
  • Tasting Notes: Fruits
  • Roasting Degree: Medium
  • Profile: A Colombian coffee with Arabica beans; known for its fruity notes, medium acidity, and distinct regional flavor.

1. Instant Coffee (Matiz)

  • Origin: Antioquia
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus, floral, chocolate, nuts
  • Range: Offers a variety of coffee forms, including beans, ground, and capsules; known for its fruity flavors and high-altitude growing conditions.

Choosing Your Ideal Coffee

The choice between beans, ground, or instant coffee depends on your preferences and the coffee experience you seek. Instant coffee offers convenience, ground coffee brings you closer to the rich flavors of the bean, and whole beans provide the most authentic and nuanced coffee experience. Explore these Colombian delights to discover your favorite!

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