What is Wush-Wush Coffee?

As you know, there are many different types of coffee that offer different flavors and unique experiences for their consumers. An example of this is the Wush-Wush coffee, one of the most popular trends in recent years.

What is Wush-Wush coffee and what are its characteristics?

Wush-Wush coffee is a rare, low yielding variety characterized by a strong floral aroma with a high level of sweetness.

fact, many experienced baristas claim that Wush-Wush coffee contains so much sweetness that the experience is like enjoying a dessert.

However, like all types of coffee, it can have different flavors depending on how it is processed and prepared. In this context, it is also true that this delicious coffee also has different notes depending on how it is made. However, most of the accompanying notes are passion fruit, blueberry, dark chocolate, lychee, sage, lavender, green strawberry, vanilla, date, juniper, banana, caramel, watermelon, blackberry, raspberry and cocoa.

In other words, Wush-Wush coffee will almost never taste the same within its varieties.

On the other hand, you should know that it is often compared to Geisha coffee because both offer flavors never before experienced in the coffee industry.

However, experts are of the opinion that the Wush-Wush coffee in particular has enormous potential.

The origins of Wush-Wush coffee

The Wush-Wush coffee variety has its origins in the small community of Wushwush in southwestern Ethiopia, a country dubbed the “birthplace of coffee”.

The name came about because coffee varieties from Ethiopia are often named after the region of origin.

Wushwush is known for its fertile highlands, which are primarily coffee and tea-growing, similar to the well-known coffee regions of Jimma and Sidamo, which are very close by.

In which areas can you find Wush-Wush coffee?

The Wush-Wush coffee has spread internationally over the years, also reaching countries with tropical climates. Colombia, for example, is one of the countries where this coffee has become one of the most famous varieties.

It could be said that the high altitude and fertile growing conditions of these areas have favored the production of fruitier, floral and more delicate coffees such as Wush-Wush.

Some claim that the arrival of this coffee in Colombia is because Cenicafé, a Colombian organization dedicated to researching coffee varieties, brought some seeds straight from Ethiopia to the country to be analyzed and then planted in a coffee farm.

Interesting aspects about Wush-Wush coffee

  • The trees of the Wush-Wush coffee are characterized by low cherry yields and shorter leaf spacing.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee trees have such a low yield that the end product is a very well cared for and sought-after bean. Truly an unconventional appearance.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee bush is quite tolerant of flooding, drought and generally varying temperatures.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee has about 20 genotypes and genomic strings, so it’s not immune to mutations. It also largely depends on the factors and conditions under which the seed is sown.
  • It is recommended to only harvest cherries from adult trees for replanting as the morphology of the trees can change from moment to moment.
  • The ” wush-wush ” type of coffee may not be able to adapt to a traditional consumer’s taste as quickly. Therefore, an adjustment period is required.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee is 100% naturally processed and requires a fermentation time of around 120 hours.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee was rated as one of the 10 best coffees of 2020 by Coffee Review with 96 points.
  • The Wush-Wush coffee came to Latin America about 30 years ago.
  • The solid base of Wush-Wush coffee is perfect for any type of fermentation: malolactic, double anaerobic, acetic, aerobic, bleached, cold, etc. However, too much fermentation can result in overly acidic coffee with a metallic taste.
  • This type of coffee requires a medium-light to medium roast to reach its potential.
  • A Hario V60 or a Chemex coffee machine is recommended for coffee preparation. These preparation methods favor the fruity flavors of Wush-Wush.
  • Wush-Wush coffee is a rare variety that is produced in small batches and is therefore not very economical for roasters.
  • Prices are around $30 for 12 ounces.

What does the future of Wush-Wush coffee look like?

Due to the small amount of production, the prices of Wush-Wush coffee are unlikely to decrease in the future. Many experts believe that this coffee has great potential. Not only is the plant very resistant, so the specialty market can be further developed.