The Strongest Coffees in the World

What makes a coffee strong?

There are several factors that contribute to a strong coffee. First, it’s important to start with fresh, high-quality beans.

Consider the different types of coffee beans. Robusta beans are stronger than Arabica beans because they contain more caffeine. So, if you want to make a really strong cup of coffee, you should use Robusta beans.

The size of the grind also makes a difference: a finer grind results in a stronger cup of coffee.

The brewing method can affect the intensity of the coffee. For a stronger brew, the amount of beans used can be increased while keeping the amount of water the same. This changes the ratio and the cup becomes stronger.

Finally, the degree of roasting must be considered. In general, a darker roast has stronger flavors, while a lighter roast has more caffeine.

What is caffeine?

Caffeine is a chemical found not only in coffee but also in many other products such as tea or energy drinks.

Caffeine is rapidly absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream after ingestion. It then goes directly to the liver, where it is broken down into various chemicals that can affect the functioning of numerous organs. Caffeine works by activating the central nervous system, muscles, heart and blood pressure regions.

However, the main effects of caffeine are directed towards the brain. It inhibits the effects of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain relax and causes drowsiness. This is the main reason why the caffeine content in coffee can be very important to some people.

What affects the caffeine content in your coffee?

In order to control the caffeine content in coffee, it can be useful to know what influences the caffeine content. There are 4 different factors that affect caffeine levels.

Type of bean

The coffee plant has several species, and different types of coffee thrive best in different regions of the world. Coffee beans from different plants differ in their caffeine content due to different growing conditions, which affect the properties of the bean.

Type of roasting

It is generally believed that dark roasts are stronger and have higher caffeine levels than light roasts. However, the fact is that light roasts have the highest caffeine content, followed by medium and dark roasts.

Type of grinding

The finer the coffee is ground, the more surface area the water has to act on the beans. A finer grind results in better extraction of flavors, coffee takes less time to steep, and generally results in a stronger cup of coffee.

Type of coffee preparation

The way the coffee is brewed is also important for the caffeine content. The point is that caffeine can evaporate, allowing faster, denser brewing methods to produce the strongest versions.

Extraction process to obtain stronger coffee

Coffee from the coffee maker

If you want a strong cup of coffee, the French Press is definitely the right choice. Simply put the desired amount of coffee in the press, add hot water and let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes. Once the brewing time is up, simply press the plunger and enjoy your cup of coffee.


If you want a strong cup of coffee, espresso is a good choice. You can add or remove coffee beans to adjust the taste and intensity. When making espresso for the first time, you should try different types of coffee beans until you find the one you like best.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a unique way of brewing coffee that has been around for centuries. This coffee is made from finely ground coffee beans that are boiled in water and then steeped. This is how strong coffee is made.

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is a relatively new way of making coffee that has become very popular in recent years. It is brewed by letting the coffee sit in cold water for an extended period of time, typically 12 hours or more. If you want to try something new, cold brew coffee is worth trying.

Top 5 strongest coffees in the world

Death Wish dark roast coffee

Death Wish coffee is one of the strongest and most popular caffeinated coffees in the world. Made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, it has a chocolaty flavor and low acidity. The Death Wish Coffee brand uses fair trade beans.

Ground shock coffee

Shock Coffee Ground has a strong flavor that doesn’t require milk or cream. The extra caffeine comes from selected beans, with no artificial caffeine.

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle is a premium medium roast coffee that contains twice the caffeine of your average coffee. Made for the professional coffee drinker, it has a rich, smoky flavor. You can buy the coffee beans or ground coffee in light roast, medium roast, dark roast and extra dark roast.

Hardcore ground coffee

This coffee is certified organic and is roasted from only the best beans. With twice the caffeine of regular coffee. Hardcore Coffee is perfect for anyone who needs an extra boost to get them through the day.

Four Sigmatic dark roast, extra strong ground coffee

Four Sigmatic coffee is organic, high in caffeine, and infused with green tea and cordyceps mushroom extract to keep you energized.

Plus, it’s grown at high altitude to ensure a delicious, low-acid cup of coffee.

Top 5 strongest instant coffees

What’s interesting is that instant coffee usually contains less caffeine than regular fresh coffee, so it’s important to somehow make up for the lost caffeine. Fortunately, there are several instant coffee companies that have created amazing instant coffees for the market.

Instant coffee is no stronger than brewed coffee. However, that doesn’t mean the caffeine content of instant coffee doesn’t work unless you’ve developed a caffeine tolerance. If so, you should increase your dose to get the “wakeness” your brain needs.

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee Freeze Dried

This coffee is one of the best brands of instant coffee you can find. It offers organically grown coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. In addition, this instant coffee is known for its intense flavor and caffeine content.

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee

Even instant coffee needs to be balanced if you want to enjoy the benefits of caffeine while maintaining a great taste. In this case, the Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee is just the thing.

This coffee has been on the coffee market for around 250 years and offers a smooth, nutty flavor in each of its products. If you are looking for a quality instant coffee with a blend of 100% Arabica beans, this is one of the best instant coffees you can find with a balanced but strong taste.

Waka Coffee instant coffee

Waka Coffee is one of the newest instant coffee brands out there, and it packs quite a punch when it comes to flavor. This freeze-dried coffee comes with 8 packets that you can use with cold water for iced coffee or with hot water if you want a more traditional experience. This coffee has a smooth and sweet taste and is made from 100% Arabica.

Four Sigmatics Mushroom coffee blend

These instant coffees offer some of the most creative options for people who want to try Arabica coffee. Not only is it 100% Arabica, but it also contains a blend of chaga mushrooms, lion’s mane, and rhodiola.

Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Light Medium instant coffee

This coffee is also very popular with instant coffee drinkers. Nescafe Taster’s Choice house blend light-medium offers a refined, smooth and balanced taste.

How to make your coffee stronger after brewing

Brew your coffee twice

For every tablespoon of ground coffee, 3 ounces of water are typically added. So first brew your coffee in a ratio of 1:3. After that, add another tablespoon of ground coffee so that the ratio of coffee to water is 2:3. Now brew the coffee a second time. After that you can enjoy your stronger double espresso.

Adding espresso shots

You can add espresso shots to your regular coffee. This method increases flavor and caffeine content.

Adding salt

Just add a pinch of salt to the cup before pouring the brewed coffee. This improves the flavor of the coffee as the salt reduces bitterness.


Making a strong coffee starts with choosing the best beans and their grind size. Once you’ve gone through these two steps, you can experiment with different brewing methods, coffee and water percentages, and brewing times.