Reusing jute bags – Colombian entrepreneur Rosana Escobar

Colombian entrepreneur Rosana Escobar uses jute sacks to create many amazing products.

The idea of reusing jute bags

The Columbian Rosana Escobar discovered the material jute after completing her studies at the DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven) in the Netherlands. The bags for transporting coffee are also made from this material.

By putting this material to the test, Rosana realized the great potential of jute. In this way, it gave a second chance to a large number of bags that are normally used only once. Their project, called Unraveling carries the coffee bag.

The success of her products came after she was represented with her project at the DAE Graduate Fair in October 2021. The participants there were surprised by the quality of the products made by the Colombian.

Which products does Rosana Escobar design with jute?

There is a wide variety of products, from small armchairs to decorative products. Here is a picture with some of the products Rosana makes.

How are the products manufactured?

The process of manufacturing the products offered by Rosana consists of a few simple steps.

  • First, she untangles the jute sacks to access the fibers and make them easier to process.
  • After dissolving the bags, a kind of fluff is created, after which a machine separates the fibers to obtain a new type of yarn.
  • The yarn is formed, and then further machines form the fabrics from which the end products are made.

What influence does Rosana have on coffee cultivation?

Rosana Escobar’s business idea is directly related to coffee production, because when coffee production and exports decrease, the amount of jute bags that this talented woman receives will be less.