What is Premium Coffee and where can you get it?

There are different qualities of coffee, such as the traditional coffee that we consume every day, but also more refined varieties that have an incomparable taste.

Characteristics of premium coffee

The taste of premium coffee is described as medium-bodied coffee with a sweet taste. High-quality coffee usually comes from countries like Colombia. It is thus possible to enjoy a wide variety of different flavors, since the taste is determined by the geographical area of cultivation.

For example, premium Colombian coffee, which is by far the most common on the market, is grown in more than 20 regions of the country. Therefore, high-quality coffee is classified according to the region where it is produced, since the taste and characteristics are different.

Classification of Colombian premium coffee

Premium coffee from the northern region

The high-quality coffee from the northern region of Colombia is characterized by its full body, which means its texture is heavier than that of the beans from the other regions of the country.

It is also the country’s least acidic coffee, which is why its taste is clear and dry. In addition, it often has nutty and chocolate flavors.

Premium coffee from the central region

The main characteristic of this coffee is its fruity taste; he also has a lighter body.

Premium coffee from the southern region

The coffee harvested in this area is characterized by being the richest and most acidic of the 3 varieties.

How is the taste of premium coffee achieved?

The aroma of a high-quality coffee is determined by the intensity of the roasting process. So when the beans are lightly roasted, the flavors are more pronounced and the fruity notes stronger.

However, with a high roast, the flavor changes as the acidity increases. On the other hand, a characteristic of premium coffee is that it is hand-picked. This is done in order to select only the best beans at a time. Therefore, the efficiency of this work can only be guaranteed by the work of an experienced coffee farmer. Because of this, machines are not used and harvesting is costlier and more difficult.

International certification

According to the quality test (QG) of the coffee quality program in Brazil, coffee is referred to as premium coffee with a grade between 6.0 and 7.2 of the Brazilian coffee quality program (PQC).

During the test, the experts evaluate the coffee sensorially, paying particular attention to aspects such as the aroma and the intensity of the taste of the drink.

Therefore, only a coffee with an excellent taste (often chocolaty) and aroma is considered a high-quality product worthy of the label “premium coffee”.

The special secret of an excellent coffee

Traditional coffee and even some gourmet coffee brands roast coffee in metal cylinders. These cylinders move the coffee in such a way that the heat spreads over the entire surface of the bean.

However, this method has the disadvantage that smoke can be produced during the roasting process, which over-roasts the coffee and increases its bitterness. The latter changes the taste significantly.

High quality coffee is roasted with hot air. A special oven is used for this process, which has a compartment in which the green coffee is placed.

There the coffee “floats” inside the compartment and therefore does not come into contact with the walls of the oven. In this way, practically no smoke is produced.

Because of this, the makers of this coffee claim that their product contains fewer carcinogens and tastes milder than any conventional coffee.