Molokai Coffee – Everything you need to know

Some types of coffee stand for exclusivity, including Molokai coffee, a type of coffee that requires very special climatic conditions and growing areas.

How the quality of Molokai coffee was discovered

The Molokai bean is grown on the island of Molokai, which is part of the county of Maui in Hawaii.

Coffee cultivation on Molokai began in 1984 after local businessmen teamed up with Brazilian consultants. They recommended using the Catuaí red bean, which was said to be perfect for the island’s climatic conditions.

Nobody expected the result, because thanks to this bean and the combination of minerals found in the island’s volcanic soil, a coffee was created that is still considered exquisite today.

In the prime years for growing this coffee, about 600 acres (about 243 hectares) were planted. Due to high transportation costs and strict Hawaiian coffee-growing laws in 1990, cultivation of Molokai coffee declined sharply.

In 1993, after the crisis, a large commercial crop was harvested from the remaining coffee trees, which restored Molokai coffee to an important product for coffee farmers.

It is estimated that more than 300 acres (approximately 120 hectares) are currently under cultivation.

Characteristics of Molokai coffee

The cultivation of Molokai coffee is unique to the island of Molokai, but it must also meet some very specific characteristics.

Hawaiian coffee growing laws are very strict as they strive to offer some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

By Hawaiian law, Molokai coffee must be labeled as 100% Molokai or Molokai Prime.

The moisture content of the beans must be between 9 and 12% and defective beans must be less than 20% per pound.

The Coffees of Hawaii company is responsible for the production of 100% of Molokai coffee, but sells its green beans to various roasters, which are ultimately responsible for exporting to various countries.

The taste of Molokai coffee is smooth and thanks to the volcanic soil and the extreme care with which this bean is treated, you can recognize aromas of chocolate and walnut.

Price Molokai coffee

Despite its high quality, Molokai coffee is generally less well known than its Hawaiian brother, Kona coffee. Thanks to its rarity and the exclusivity of its production, Molokai coffee prices range from $20 USD to around $75 USD per pound.

How to recognize Molokai coffee

The easiest way to identify Molokai coffee is to check the labels on the pack. As we have already mentioned, there must be an indication on the packs that it is 100% Molokai coffee.

How should Molokai coffee be prepared?

Since it is one of the most expensive beans in the world, we are concerned about the preparation. The ideal is to be able to enjoy its full flavor. Therefore, it is recommended not to use other products such as milk, so as not to alter the taste of the coffee.

Some baristas and coffee tasters recommend brewing the coffee in a French press or by dipping.