Hydro-Pressure Coffee Makers Buying Guide + Top 6

Are you looking for a hydro-pressure coffee maker and don’t know which one to buy? Here you have the list of the 6 best hydro-pressure coffee machines on the market.

Choosing the coffee maker that best suits your needs, budget and expectations can be difficult. That’s why we bring you this selection of coffee machines with their advantages and disadvantages and all the information you need so you can choose well.

What is a hydro-pressure coffee maker?

Maybe you’ve had some confusion with hydro-pressure coffee makers and espresso coffee makers. And yes, they’re different.

Hydro-pressure coffee machines, also known as Steam or semi-espresso machines, are coffee makers that use a simpler system than that of an espresso machine.  For the same reason, they are cheaper and ideal to have at home.

In general, the hydro-pressure coffee machine is an appliance to brew a softer espresso using a system very similar to that of the espresso machine.

Most of these types of coffee makers have a very similar design and operation: they are made of resistant plastic and stainless steel. They have a water tank, a sturdy glass jug, a steamer, a steel filter, and a filter holder with a handle and include a measuring spoon.

What can vary a little among the coffee makers that are on the market is the pressure and, above all, the water storage capacity.

Don’t expect 100% espresso coffee with these coffee makers, because they only reach a maximum of 5 bars of pressure. On the contrary, espresso machines can reach up to 20 bars. And the higher the pressure, the higher the concentration of coffee. However, your coffee won’t be as light as it would be in a drip coffee maker either.

To sum it up: the hydro-pressure coffee machine is the midpoint between a drip coffee machine and an espresso machine. Since these coffee makers have a steamer to foam the milk, you can make more beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, among others.

How does a hydro-pressure coffee maker work?

The first thing you need to do is fill the water tank. Then, add ground coffee of your choice and press it to make it uniform.

Make sure the filter holder is in the right place to prevent steam or pressure leaks.

Finally, you press the power button and that’s it, enjoy a delicious homemade coffee!

The process that the machine uses to make coffee is very simple:

  1. The coffee maker heats the water to over 130°C (266 °F) so it becomes steam.
  2. The steam creates pressure that can reach a maximum of 5 bars in this type of coffee maker.
  3. That pressure along with the steam pass through the filter with the ground coffee.
  4. The coffee brew is slowly poured into the glass jug. The resulting coffee tastes more intensely than normal but is less concentrated than espresso machine coffee.

Grinding type

Remember that the type of grinding will influence the flavor and body of your coffee. It is not the same to use coarse to fine grinding because this is directly related to the contact time between water and coffee. The longer the coffee is in contact with water, the thicker the grinding should be.

As in this coffee maker you will have a cup of coffee very fast, you must use fine grinding. You can also try a medium grind to vary in terms of bitterness, body, and flavor.

Who should buy this type of coffee maker?

People who love a not-so-strong espresso, with the speed and versatility of an espresso machine.

What you should consider when buying your hydro-pressure coffee maker

So that you can buy your ideal hydro pressure coffee maker, you should take into account some important features:

Pressure level

Remember that the more pressure the coffee maker has, the closer you are to an espresso. 

This type of coffee machine reaches a maximum of 5 bars of pressure. If you want a stronger coffee, choose one with more pressure bars, but if you want a softer coffee, a 3.5 bar coffee maker is perfect.


Depending on the availability of space you have at home, the size of the coffee maker is decisive when buying. The size will also influence how much coffee you can brew at a time. 

Based on this, you’ll have to decide whether you want one with a standard or a larger water storage capacity.

Price and quality

Although sometimes a higher price is not synonymous with quality, these two factors go hand in hand. 

The most expensive coffee makers are usually made of only stainless steel, which means more quality and durability. Those that are cheaper, usually use more plastic, which means they are more fragile. You decide what’s worth more!

Top 6 of the best hydro-pressure coffee makers

Here is the list of the 6 best coffee makers you will find on the market.

Severin KA5978 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has a capacity of 200 ml with which you can make up to 4 cups of espresso.

It has a pressure of 3.5 bars allowing you to quickly make smooth coffees. It has a power of 800 watts, 230 volts and its special feature is that it has automatic pressure relief when it shuts off.

The jug is made of glass, which means that the taste of the coffee does not vary once it is stored in the jug.

Like most of these coffee makers, it comes with a steam wand or steamer to foam the milk and have more brewing options.  For this, this coffee maker has a switch in which you can change its function: brew coffee or make steam for other types of beverages.

What attracts its buyers the most is that it is small and compact, which makes it ideal to have in a small kitchen. In addition, it is of German quality, recognized for being very good. The drip tray is removable to make the cleaning easier.


  • It’s fast. You make coffee in 3 minutes.
  • It is very quiet, compact and small.


  • It may be small for someone who wants to brew more than two large cups of coffee.  

Jata CA704 Coffee maker

It is a coffee maker with a very practical and sophisticated design. You can brew 2 to 4 cups depending on how large the size of your cup is. It has a water tank of 350 milliliters and also a steamer to make the milk foamier.

It has a rotary knob that you can configure in 4 different positions: turn off, pause, espresso, or steamer.

It has a pressure of 3.5 bars, with a power of 800 watts and a voltage of 230 volts. It has a stainless steel filter, a removable drip tray, and a glass jar that is heat resistant.

The coffee maker has an automatic power-off so when it has been unused for a long time, it will turn off automatically.


  • Sophisticated design.
  • Large water tank to make a good amount of coffee.


  • Coffee may take a little longer to be brewed compared to other machines that are faster.

De’Longhi EC7 Coffee Maker

De’Longhi has always been a leading brand in the coffee market. This is a coffee maker with 800 watts of power and 3.5 bars of pressure. It has a double nozzle to serve two cups of espresso at the same time.

Unlike most electric coffee machines, you can choose whether to put the cup of coffee you are going to use or the glass jug and then pour it into the cup.

It has an adapter to serve two espressos in a cup directly or with the glass jug, you can make up to 4 cups of coffee. Its water tank is 500 milliliters, a large tank compared to other hydro-pressure coffee makers.

It has a system called Vario System that serves to choose if you want a soft or strong coffee. That’s why it becomes so versatile.

It has a steamer to make a perfect cappuccino and the vapor is fully adjustable. The coffee maker includes a drip tray that is removable for easy cleaning.


  • You can set whether you want a soft, medium, or strong coffee, or a cappuccino.
  • It has a large water tank.
  • You can have the coffee directly served in your cup. .


  • It can hold a lot of lime and affect its pressure. You should clean it constantly to avoid this problem. For more information, see our coffee machine cleaning guide.
  • It may take a while to heat the water.

Orbegozo EXP4600 Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has a pressure of 5 bars, the maximum pressure that can be found in this type of coffee maker. It has a power of 870 watts.

You can make up to 6 cups in the high-temperature-resistant glass jar. It also has a steamer to foam the milk and create cappuccinos or other beverages with milk.

This coffee maker is one of the cheapest and fastest on the market, you can brew a coffee in 1 to 2 minutes. It also features a drip tray that is removable for easy cleaning.


  • It is small and compact, ideal for home.
  • It’s fast. You can make a coffee in a minute.


  • Being one of the cheapest on the market, the materials don’t seem to be the most resistant.

Aicook Hydro-pressure Coffee Maker

This is a coffee maker with a 3.5 bar pressure and a water tank of 240 milliliters to make up to 4 cups of coffee.

It also has a steamer, a safety valve, and a stainless steel filter. It may take 3 to 5 minutes to make coffee.

The brand recommends using medium grinding for this machine to have a better espresso. This will make the difference in taste and body. Although most use fine grinding, following the instructions will always help you get the ideal coffee.

On the side, it has a knob to turn on, pause the machine or use the steamer.

You should let the steamer heat for a minute before you can use it or it will spoil the milk. With a very similar operation and design to the previous ones, this hydro pressure machine is perfect to have at home. Price-wise, it offers good quality.


  • It is small and easy to carry.
  • It’s very affordable.


  • The side knob has no mark or lock to indicate that it is already in the proper position. It only has the drawings, which may cause your machine to not be 100% in the function it should be. I mean, your steamer may not work very well but it’s not because of the coffee maker, it’s because the knob is not where it should be. 

LTLWSH Hydro-pressure Coffee Maker

This is a machine with which you can brew coffee of excellent quality. It has 5 pressure bars so it makes coffee closer to an espresso. It has a power of 800 watts and a voltage of 220 volts.

It is small and ideal for home with the same system as an espresso machine. It has a water tank of 240 milliliters to make up to 4 cups of coffee.

It has a stainless steel filter that you can easily wash so you don’t have to use disposable paper filters. The coffee maker has a special device to control the pressure and not have accidents such as, for example, the glass jug exploding.  

It has a control panel to configure the function of the coffee maker: coffee or steam. It also has an off and pause switch. Besides, it includes a steamer to heat and foam the milk to your liking.

The most impressive thing about the coffee maker is its very sophisticated design. Almost all the machine is stainless steel. Unlike the other coffee makers in this section which are made of plastic and only some parts are made of steel. 


  • Elegant and compact design.
  • The coffee taste of this coffee maker is really very similar to that of a barista espresso.


  • It can be a little expensive for a person who doesn’t make much coffee or isn’t interested in having a high-quality coffee maker.

Maintenance of hydro-pressure coffee machines

All coffee makers require a very similar way of cleaning. Many of them already include a cleaning function that you can use with descalers. These will help clean up any limescale and grease that may build up in coffee makers.

If your coffee maker doesn’t have this function or you just don’t have the descalers, don’t worry!

You can fill the water tank with a mixture of water and white vinegar in the same proportions. This blend is perfect for cleaning every part of the coffee maker. Let the mixture sit for half an hour and then clean as usual.


Now that you know the top 6 best hydro-pressure coffee makers on the market, it’s time for you to choose which one you want to buy.

Many buyers are not happy with these coffee machines because they expect to have 100% espresso coffee as if it were made in an espresso machine. This is not possible! If you’re looking for an espresso, you should buy an espresso machine, not a hydro-pressure coffee maker.

Having this in mind, you will not be surprised or disappointed by the coffee you will get with your coffee maker. Check which is the best option for you according to your needs and enjoy your new hydro-pressure coffee maker!