Freeze-Dried Coffee – All the information about it

What is freeze dried coffee?

Basically, freeze-dried coffee is an evolution of instant coffee that undergoes a freeze-drying process. The goal is to preserve the characteristics of the coffee so that its enjoyment is not affected by conditions such as transport, etc.

When coffee is freeze-dried, the liquid extract of the coffee is frozen. The remaining water is then removed in a vacuum chamber. By removing the residual water from the coffee, you get something similar to traditional instant coffee, but with the aromas and flavor of the coffee being much better preserved.

This preservation is done by freezing at about -50°C and vacuum drying. This leads to excellent preservation. However, freeze-dried products can be a bit more expensive due to the complex process.

What is freeze drying?

During freeze-drying, the goods to be preserved are frozen and the water particles are removed from them so that qualities and properties are retained.

Compared to other dehydration methods, freeze drying is more expensive and time consuming. However, compared to other methods, freeze drying is the most effective. Other methods remove between 90% and 95% of the moisture from the products. However, 99% of the moisture is removed during freeze drying.

Freeze-dried products are products of exceptional quality, since no heat is used for preservation and losses of flavors and nutrients are largely avoided.

Freeze-dried coffee vs. instant coffee

Although freeze-dried coffee and instant coffee are similar products that are easy to prepare, there are significant differences.

  • Instant coffee, or soluble coffee as it is also known, is obtained through a process called solubilization, in which the coffee powder is concentrated and pulverized. This process is considered abrupt, so the aromas and flavor of the coffee are lost and then have to be added artificially. In contrast, the freeze-dried coffee retains the aromas and flavor.
  • Freeze-dried coffee is not chemically manipulated, no artificial flavors are added, its taste is as close as possible to that of freshly ground coffee.
  • While instant coffee is sold almost exclusively in powdered form, freeze-dried coffee is sold in small chunks. Coffee experts say that freeze-dried coffee allows for ease of use when preparing different brews like espresso and cappuccino because it preserves the properties of fresh coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee and its benefits

It is said that freeze-dried coffee is one of the best ways to enjoy the best quality cup of coffee.

  • Freeze-dried coffee has all the benefits that fresh coffee has.
  • Freeze-dried coffee is porous and absorbs liquids very well. This makes it excellent for baking recipes and recipes in general.
  • It’s softer and tastes better because it’s preserved.
  • It tastes good both cold and hot, so there are almost too many possible mixes.

Simple preparations with freeze-dried coffee

Baileys Frappe with freeze-dried coffee


  • 90 milliliters of freeze-dried coffee (prepared).
  • 50 milliliters Baileys
  • 25 milliliters of milk
  • 15 grams Arequipe, resp. Dulce de leche


When you have prepared 90 milliliters of freeze-dried coffee, place the ingredients in the blender in the following order, following the order to ensure the mixture is as even as possible.

  • Coffee
  • Bailey’s
  • milk
  • Ice
  • 15 grams of Arequipe / Dulce de Leche

Blend for two minutes to combine well, then strain into a glass and enjoy.

Latte with freeze-dried coffee


  • 2 tablespoons freeze-dried coffee (not prepared).
  • 100 milliliters of hot milk
  • 30 milliliters of condensed milk


In a different cup than the one you will be serving your concoction in, add the two tablespoons of coffee and then the condensed milk.

Next add the hot milk. Now mix everything well so that the ingredients mix together.

When you see the coffee is fully incorporated and dissolved, you can pour your latte into another cup and enjoy. If you have a milk frother at home, you can use it to give the mixture a different texture because it won’t change the taste.