Can you get Drunk with Irish Coffee?

What is Irish coffee?

Irish coffee is coffee mixed with Irish whiskey, sugar and cream.

What is the correct way to drink Irish coffee?

Irish coffee should be taken in small sips, holding the cup to your lips and lifting it up so the cream doesn’t mix with the other ingredients.

That way you can taste the whipped cream on your lips, followed by the coffee and the whiskey.

Irish coffee is best drunk very hot, although it can also be served cold. However, if you want to decrease the strength of the drink, you can add more sugar or cream.

Remember that Irish coffee can be kept in the fridge for up to two days, after which time it loses its flavor and becomes bitter.

Can whiskey be substituted for another alcohol in Irish coffee?

Any type of whiskey or bourbon can be used to make Irish coffee. For nostalgic reasons, however, one should fall back on an Irish whiskey. Irish whiskey mixed with Tennessee whiskey, some would even call blasphemy. However, we are not so strict here.

However, other drinks such as brandy or cognac are also often used for Irish coffee. Even whiskey cream is used to add a caramel note to the coffee and give it a softer texture.

If you use these drinks, you won’t be drinking real Irish coffee, but you’ll get a similar taste.

The 10 best Irish whiskey brands for an Irish coffee

  • Jameson
  • Powers
  • Connemara
  • Kilbegan Irish whiskey
  • Bushmills
  • Tyrconnell
  • Tullamore Dew
  • Midleton Very Rare
  • Green spot
  • Redbreast

Can you get drunk with Irish coffee?

Irish coffee contains a higher percentage of coffee than alcohol. In fact, it only contains between 30 and 50ml of Irish whiskey.

This amount won’t even make you jittery, but it may negate some of the coffee’s effects.

Remember that both coffee and alcohol stimulate the nervous system. The former keeps you focused and alert, while the latter helps you relax and lower your inhibitions.

However, your stomach may not jump for joy or, in some cases, you may feel dizzy. That’s because everyone’s physical response is different.

People who like to drink double the amount of whiskey are often drunk after 4 or 5 double Irish whiskey coffees.

Therefore, always try to drink enough fluids and do not consume this drink on an empty stomach.

Always remember that the combination of caffeine and alcohol can mask the strong effects of alcohol. If you consume excessively, you will notice this when you get up from your chair at the latest.

Benefits of Irish Coffee

Keeps the body alert: Drinking coffee mixed with whiskey promotes the release of a chemical called serotonin, which is responsible for regular energy levels and mood swings. Don’t forget: Serotonin is also known as the happiness hormone.

Helps You Lose Weight: Consuming Irish coffee for breakfast can reduce your weight by curbing your appetite.

Regulates Diabetes: By consuming Irish coffee in moderation, you can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

Stroke Prevention: As you may know, strokes can occur due to the blockage of blood vessels in/to the heart. With that in mind, Irish coffee drinkers are unlikely to face this serious problem as their blood vessels, body and mind are relaxed.

Heart Disease Prevention: Irish coffee contains antioxidants, which in limited amounts are very good for heart health as they can prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Irish coffee can also dilate blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Increases well-being: By consuming Irish coffee, dopamine, the substance responsible for pleasure in the body, begins to accelerate brain activity, resulting in greater well-being.

Relieves physical pains: The caffeine in coffee can relieve headaches, while whiskey sometimes helps relieve a sore throat.

Provides nutrients: A cup of Irish coffee contains vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin B5 and potassium.

Makes friends and joy: After brisk consumption of Irish whiskey, you will also find that your circle of friends is surprisingly expanding.

Disadvantages of drinking Irish coffee

Although most of the effects of Irish coffee are positive, you should also be aware of some side effects that you may experience, as aspects such as gender, genetics, body type, lifestyle habits and even the sugar content of the drink can affect your body’s response.

Dehydration: Since both coffee and whiskey cause dehydration, the combination of these two substances in Irish coffee can cause even more dehydration than either substance alone.

Stomach and Intestinal Problems: The mixture of coffee and whiskey can cause loose stools in some cases. On the other hand, uncontrolled consumption of Irish coffee can lead to long-term difficulties in absorbing nutrients while upsetting the balance between healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the gut microbiota.

Severe hangover pain: Many people don’t have the ability to quickly metabolize caffeine and alcohol. Therefore, migraines, stomach pains, and other side effects associated with a hangover can occur when consuming Irish coffee.

That’s why you should be aware of your tolerance to caffeine and alcohol before enjoying a drink that combines the two, such as B.Irish coffee .

In addition, we recommend that you do not drink Irish coffee in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy and lactation
  • People taking medication
  • Before driving
  • Before swimming


Irish coffee is undoubtedly a different drink to consume responsibly to enjoy its excellent taste with friends or family.