Drip Coffee – A Special Ritual in Colombia

Colombian coffee culture evolves from traditions passed down from generation to generation as well as new trends in market demand.

One of these trends is the so-called single-serve coffee, which is on the rise due to the different lifestyles of consumers.

The drip coffee ritual

A well-known Colombian brand has adapted to the needs of customers and has added different methods of single-dose coffee to its portfolio. Their pod machines and biodegradable capsules are distributed in Canada and the United States. To innovate in the local market, she now introduces Café Drip, a simple brewing ritual that allows the consumer to taste a premium roast and ground coffee in minutes. He can determine the packaging and exact dosage himself.

This innovative method consists of a box of individual sachets of Colombian coffee. With the simple use of hot water, a high-quality drink is obtained by means of a drip system, which can be prepared anytime and anywhere.

The origin of drip coffee

Hailing from Asia, Drip coffee was inspired by the Drip V60, which produces a premium cup of coffee.

The new ritual of the coffee cup consists of four steps:

  1. Boil water and warm the cup.
  2. Carefully open the packaging.
  3. Open the coffee bag and put it in the cup.
  4. Pour in slowly boiling water and pour over.

Origin coffees

This coffee brand has focused its strategy on educating consumers about the different origins of Colombian coffee. Origin offers a unique and diverse profile of coffee mugs. The coffee is grown in the following regions:


This region in the southwest of the country offers coffee from the Magdalena Valley, where a cloud cover steadily forms, protecting the coffee plantations from the sun all year round, resulting in a sweet and balanced brew.

Sierra Nevada

In this northern region of the country, the espresso is extracted from the highest coastal mountains in the world. A unique place where local coffee farmers grow coffee in the shade of native trees with great respect for the environment.

Filter bag for drip coffee

The drip coffee filter bag is filled with ground coffee, portable and compact. Each sachet is filled with N2 gas to keep the taste and aroma fresh until consumption. It offers coffee lovers the freshest and easiest way to enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere.

The market for drip coffee bags

Invented in Japan in the 1990s, the pouch coffee has become one of the standard models for single-serve coffee.

Today, filter coffee bag sales exceed 2.5 billion per year (2019) and its popularity has spread around the world.


The “drip” coffee ritual could become part of the intangible coffee culture in Colombia and a hallmark not only of this brand but of the country as a whole.