The Best Coffee Websites You Should Know About

Fortunately for us, nowadays there are multiple websites and social media accounts that keep us up to date with the latest coffee-related news. For this reason, this time we have compiled a few of the most outstanding ones.  

Websites about coffee in Latin America 

To begin this tour, let’s look at what websites exist in various Latin American countries about coffee.  

Websites about coffee in Brazil 

We couldn’t leave out the coffee giant. Brazil is currently the largest coffee producer in the world. Thanks to its vast territory and the diversity of its growing regions, it can produce different varieties of beans. This is ideal, as it meets the high and varied taste demands of local and international consumers. Currently, Arabica and Robusta coffee are grown there. 

Since coffee is of such great importance to the country, there are several websites dedicated to Brazilian coffee. These are mostly government sites or official sites of associations related to coffee. Get to know them! 

Grão Especial 


This website is about Brazilian specialty coffees, but also about chocolate and teas. Its goal is to make more visible the diversity and importance of Brazil as a producer of the best specialty coffees in the world. 

On this website you will find: 

  • News on all kinds of topics. They include up-to-date articles on the state and performance of the coffee sector in Brazil and worldwide, coffee brands and companies, cultures, personalities, brewing methods and much more. 
  • Information about baristas, roasters, cafes, etc. 
  • Information about coffee producers and news. 
  • Exclusive interviews with important personalities about coffee. 
  • Courses and events. 

The website is available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

Coffee Industry Brazilian Association – ABIC


This association represents the coffee roasting and grinding industry in Brazil. It was founded in 1973 by representatives of the country’s coffee unions. The aim was to create a national body that would promote the sector and improve cooperation with the government. 

One of its most outstanding achievements was the creation of the Purity Seal, which guarantees that coffee is pure and additive-free.  

On its website you can find information about: 

  • The institution: Everything about its history, values, partners and ways to join, norms and laws on coffee, information about its presidents and social projects.  
  • Technical Recommendations: This section contains information on the different coffee laboratories in the country, logistics, categorization of coffee quality, etc. 
  • Certification: In this section you will find all the information about the certification programs they offer for coffee. These are: Purity, Quality, Sustainability, Capsules and Coffee Shops. 
  • Events: Here you will find up-to-date information on events related to coffee in the country. 
  • Coffee: In this section you will find interesting information on various topics such as coffee and health, a glossary, brewing tips, the history of coffee, the environment, etc. 
  • Coffee Newspaper: This section is dedicated to the latest news and developments related to coffee. The electronic magazine includes articles, classifieds and content on trends, analysis of the coffee market, interviews, technical articles and much more.
  • Statistics: Here you will find data on the following topics: Coffee industry indicators, historical evolution of the sector, imports and exports, research, prices and agricultural production. 

The only detail you should note is that the website is only in Portuguese. There is no official translation into Spanish, English, or any other language. 

Websites about coffee in Colombia 

One of the most famous and best coffee countries is undoubtedly Colombia. It is not only the second-largest producer in the world but also one of the world’s largest traders of the best quality beans. It is located in the north of South America, near the equator. Therefore, it has the perfect geographical and climatic conditions for generally large-scale cultivation of excellent quality. 

One of Colombia’s greatest advantages as a coffee-growing country is its institutional framework. They reflect the great commitment to the quality of coffee by different associations and institutions dedicated to coffee. Many of them are primarily of interest to coffee growers and those involved in the industry, but also provide more general information. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about! 

National Federation of Coffee Growers

First of all, it is important to mention perhaps the most important coffee institution in the country. This is the National Federation of Coffee Growers. As an institution, it is responsible for activities such as promoting coffee consumption, supporting coffee growers, managing alliances and projects, ensuring the quality of Colombian coffee, etc. 

On their website we can find: 

  • All the information about the association: who they are, their history, their structure, what they do, etc. 
  • Facts about Colombian coffee: its history, the process of growing, harvesting and production, coffee regions, coffee producers, certifications, seals and denominations of origin, etc.  
  • Interesting news from the national and international coffee sector. 
  • A blog on coffee news with podcasts, stories, videos, infographics, etc. 
  • Information on legislation, laws and standards related to coffee and its development as an industry. 
  • Information of interest to coffee producers such as: Programs and announcements, information channels, coffee sales opportunities, etc.  


This is the National Coffee Research Center, founded in 1938 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers. 

It is an institution responsible for the rather technical aspects of the coffee production process. This means that it deals with issues related to coffee seeds and the different varieties used for sowing, cultivation, harvesting, processing, bean quality, cultivation management, use of by-products, and much more. 

Although it is an institution that offers information more for growers and coffee farmers, we can also find information of general interest. On its website you can find: 

  • Latest news about coffee. 
  • Games and applications (you may need to log in with a username and password). 
  • Videos of scientific seminars presenting the innovation and technological advances of the sector. 
  • A space called “The Technique in Action.” These are audios that provide information on various topics, such as: Food and nutrition security, productivity, quality, farm management programs, etc. 
  • Videos of conferences given by experts in the coffee sector. 
  • A digital repository, library service, spreadsheets, etc. 
  • Information on best practices for coffee production and profitability in the country. Includes publications on the following topics: Coffee quality, new varieties, growing and processing processes, pest control, light, diseases, climate, and more. 
  • An online expert area where it is possible to talk to and consult with Cenicafé researchers. 

This website is in Spanish.

Coffee Cultural Landscape 

Coffee is one of the most important aspects of Colombian culture. It is one of the most representative and largest crops in the country. This is partly due to the fact that the country is crossed by three mountain ranges from north to south, which provide ideal conditions for cultivation. 

In one part of this large area is the Coffee Cultural Landscape (PCC in Spanish). It is an area that includes 51 municipalities in the departments of Quindío, Risaralda, Caldas and Valle del Cauca. A distinctive coffee culture has developed there, which has allowed the development of coffee cultivation in Colombia and the production of quality coffee. In June 2011, it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. 

On the website you will find: 

  • Information about what the Coffee Cultural Landscape is, a map and how it is composed, its communities, etc. 
  • Everything about the coffee culture in this country. Information about the history of coffee in Colombia, such as pre-Columbian cultures and the colonization of Antioquia. Also, information on archaeology related to coffee. 
  • An area with online materials: courses on the PCC and coffee in Colombia, a virtual tour that provides a visual experience to get to know the area (in English, Spanish and French), a glossary, a dictionary of cultural expressions, etc. 
  • Institutional information about other associations and the National Federation of Coffee Growers, tourism and culture, research, the POT (Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial or land planning program) guidelines, tradition and technology, regional coffee and much more. 

Juan Valdez

It is the figurehead of Colombia and perhaps the best-known coffee brand in the country and abroad. The character Juan Valdez and his mule Conchita represent, promote and accompany Colombian coffee for more than 50 years. It was founded by the FNC and today has numerous branches in the country and abroad. 

 On their website they offer: 

  • Their products and the menu of their stores. Hot drinks, cold drinks, drinks to go, cold brew, and fresquísimos (breakfast, lunch and snacks). 
  • Information about their coffee: special editions, brewing methods, new recipes, and branded items (thermoses, cups, dishes, clothing). 
  • Anything related to the brand. You can learn more about the history, the team, the brand and its symbol, and the company. 
  • There are also sections with information about the franchise, official distributors, promotions, news and event management.

Websites about coffee in Costa Rica 

In terms of the quantity of coffee, Costa Rica is not the leader, but it is in terms of quality. Coffee is one of their most important agricultural products, and the commitment and the close relationship they have with it are proof of that. So, it’s definitely a good reference if you want to find websites related to coffee. 

As with the previous countries, many of them offer technical information, but they also have other contents of general interest. 


This is the Costa Rican Coffee Institute. It was founded in 1933 and its mission is to support the entire process of coffee production, promote coffee consumption at the national and international level, and act as a regulatory and promotional body for technical standards, research, prices, etc. 

Thanks to Icafé, Costa Rica is one of the countries that offer the most information about coffee to the public. They are not only the official source of support for the country’s coffee farmers but also for coffee connoisseurs and lovers. 

On the website you will find: 

  • Information and facts about Costa Rican coffee, such as its history, its characteristics, the functioning and structure of the sector and the coffee regions. 
  • A section where they talk about the whole sector in general. They provide information about: the geography and climate of these areas, web applications (for reports, etc.), the situation in the national and international market, prices, etc. 
  • Publications on various topics: Growing guides, research reports, journals, technical guides, new technologies and news articles. 
  • A section on barista courses with information on certified and official schools in Costa Rica.

Café de Costa Rica 


In this portal, you will find all the information about coffee in the country. Unlike Icafé, it is not a very technical website with content aimed mainly at coffee farmers or people in the sector. There we can find: 

  • A section that offers information about the country’s coffee, its history, as well as infographics and PDFs about coffee activities. 
  • Everything about the 8 coffee regions in Costa Rica. From location, climate and altitude to the type of coffee produced and the cup profile. 
  • A section with information about the certified coffee shops in Costa Rica. This means that they work with 100% national coffee and meet a series of specific requirements to obtain a quality product. 
  • Information about regulations, codes, laws and other legal documents about the cultivation, harvesting, production and marketing of coffee. They also report on their social and environmental commitment and the actions they take in this area. 
  • A section where they show everything about barista training and courses in the country. That is, about certified schools. 

Café Britt

This is one of the most outstanding coffee brands in Costa Rica. It is a company whose coffee is grown, harvested, roasted and packaged in Costa Rica. They then market it both nationally and internationally. Their coffee is of excellent quality and a true gourmet star. 

Their website features content such as: 

  • A blog where they offer all sorts of information of general interest. You will find articles about: Costa Rican coffee, different recipes for making hot and cold coffee, their products, news in the industry, the best coffee blends and much more. 
  • An area where you can buy coffee. 
  • A section with information about the subscriptions offered. 

Fortunately, this website is in English. 

Viaje con Café


This website is a bit more special since it offers expeditions related to coffee. It belongs to Hortensia Solís, a professional agronomist from a family of coffee growers. There you will find: 

  • Information about her expeditions to Costa Rica and her coffee farms. She also reports about the countries she has traveled and about her best and most famous coffee shops. 
  • A blog where she publishes articles on: coffee and climate change, climate neutral coffee, coffee projects and research, tourism and videos.

Websites about coffee in Mexico 

It is not surprising that Latin American countries have a prominent position in the world in terms of coffee, and one of the most important of them is undoubtedly Mexico. It is a big producer both in quantity and in quality. Moreover, they are a big consumer of coffee themselves, as coffee is a very important part of their culture. 

So let’s see what Mexican websites we can find about coffee. 

The Coffee of Mexico 

This is perhaps one of the most complete websites on coffee in Mexico. Let’s have a closer look at what we can find there. 

  • Everything about the history of coffee in Mexico. It is an interactive section with different pictures and illustrations. You can also download a brochure with this information. 
  • Coffee in Mexico is mostly grown in the shade, so there is an area dedicated only to coffee forests. Here you will find information about the process of planting and cultivation, as well as the great biodiversity that this growing system produces and contributes to its conservation. 
  • A space dedicated to Mexican coffee growers. Coffee cultivation in Mexico has a long tradition and indigenous communities are the main actors. To recognize and highlight this, there is a series of information that you can consult about it. 
  • A section with very comprehensive and interesting information about the coffee growing areas in Mexico. Each of these areas includes data about its location, coffee growing areas, climate and geography, the type of coffee grown and its characteristics. 
  • At the end, there is also an interactive platform where they collect all the above information. 
  • The website is available in Spanish and English.

Die Website ist auf Spanisch und Englisch verfügbar. 

Cafés de México

Main Home

Although its name is very similar to the website shown above, it is not the same one. Cafés de México is a media platform that was born in 1985 from the need to inform freely and impartially about everything related to the sector. 

On this website you can find out about: 

  • Various interesting articles about the sector, recipes and different documents. 
  • Some of the categories are: entertainment, business, fashion, industry, world news, markets, health, short publications on various topics and much more. 
  • An up-to-date magazine with a great variety of content, which you have to subscribe to though.

Chiapas Coffee Institute

It is a governmental organization whose objective is the development and promotion of the Mexican coffee culture. To this end, they are responsible for the design and definition of programs, operating mechanisms, investments, financing, planning methods and much more. 

There is content on the following topics:  

  • Current events and news of interest on different topics related to the coffee sector in the country and in the region. 
  • A section with important information about coffee, special programs such as volunteering, institutional information and events.

International Coffee Websites 

You have already seen the different websites of the main countries in the coffee sector. Now let’s see what international websites we can find. This time, instead of organizing them by country, we have gathered the main international associations, institutions and organizations. 

International Coffee Organization

First of all, we should mention one of the most important international coffee organizations. It is the intergovernmental organization responsible for various coffee issues in several countries. It has 44 exporting member countries and 6 importing member countries. Its aim is to achieve international cooperation between different countries to address and overcome challenges in the coffee sector. 

The website is really very comprehensive. It contains useful and up-to-date information on technical issues, the market, research, etc. But they also share content that can be of general interest, such as their blog. Let’s have a closer look at this now. 

  • One of the sections deals with market reports. There you can see the previous reports on the state and performance of the sector. There are also documents on international coffee agreements, sustainability, quality, and market promotion and development. 
  • In the Meetings and Documents section, you can find information on: the International Coffee Council, International Coffee Day, the World Coffee Forum, other conferences and forums, coffee meetings, coffee events, etc. 
  • A section with coffee and market statistics in the form of infographics, coffee prices, historical data, etc. 
  • A blog where they publish interesting articles with news about the sector, novelties, trends, market movements, etc. Besides written content, there are also multimedia publications, such as videos, images, audio and much more. This blog exists only in English. 

The main website is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 

The Coffee Guide

This is a portal of the International Trade Center dedicated exclusively to coffee. This website is also undoubtedly one of the most complete and excellent on the subject. The information is more focused on trade, logistics, certifications, quality control, etc. However, there are other sections that may be of interest to enthusiasts. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can found there: 

  • One of the main documents they publish is the Coffee Exporter’s Guide. It’s free, available in English, Spanish and French, and can be downloaded. This guide contains basic information about the state of the coffee market in the world and everything about the marketing and export process. 
  • There is also a page on the world coffee trade with information on supply and demand, prices, current data, etc. 
  • Another page is about coffee markets. There you will find a general overview of the sector in the world, as well as more detailed information about the main importing countries. 
  • Another section contains information about the specialty market. It has publications about organic coffee, specialty coffee, geographical indications, sustainability, environment, certifications and much more. 
  • An important part of the website contains pages on more technical topics such as logistics, contracts, quality, quality controls, e-commerce, training, etc. 
  • An interesting aspect of this website is that it has a more interactive section. There you can view maps on trade, investment, market access, and environmental standards. It also offers a market analysis tool. 

The website is available in English, Spanish and French. 

European Coffee Federation


European countries may not be major producers, but they are among the largest consumers and importers in the world. This body represents green coffee trade agreements, the European roasting industry, and soluble and decaffeinated coffee producers. 

On this website you will find the following content:

  • All about coffee. They dedicate a section to the history of coffee, producing countries, data on coffee consumption in Europe, and coffee and health. 
  • Pages on food law and health, sustainable coffee and international trade. 
  • Publications on various topics. They produce and disseminate reports on coffee in Europe, coffee data and statistics, stocks, etc. 
  • News about trends and current events related to coffee. You can find out about events, new initiatives, technologies or innovations, conferences, coffee fairs and competitions, reports and updates and much more. 

Please note that the entire website is available in English only.

Specialty Coffee Association

This is perhaps one of the most well-known organizations related to coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association aims to encourage the international coffee community to take action to make the coffee sector more sustainable, equitable and prosperous. Members include coffee growers, coffee roasters, baristas and many others interested in the matter. 

One of their main missions is to work with specialty coffees to improve their quality. This is done through international standards that promote the growth of the sector. Therefore, their website is very institutional and is mainly aimed at professionals in the coffee sector. However, we can also find content of general interest. 

The website offers:

  • Institutional information. Everything about who they are, what they do, their members, their values, etc. 
  • It offers membership to become part of the association. In this section you will find all the information about how to become a member, what are the benefits for companies and individuals and much more. 
  • There is also a section that deals with coffee education. Here you can find information about their programs, courses, venues, etc. 
  • A section on research. This page is one of the most interesting as it contains texts, articles and infographics about sustainability, coffee standards, prices, business cases, reports and other interesting facts about coffee.
  • Pages with information about events, news about different topics, updates, magazines and an online store. 

The website is only available in English.

National Coffee Association USA

The United States is one of the most influential countries in the coffee scene. It is not for nothing that they are among the largest consumers of coffee in the world. For this reason, this organization was founded in 1911 with the aim of representing the country’s coffee industry. 

It is an institution that offers a wide range of services not only to its members and professionals of the sector, but also to coffee enthusiasts. 

Therefore, on their website we can find a lot of information on different topics:

  • The first section contains very comprehensive information for the members of the association. There you will learn everything about how to become a member, the directory of current members, weekly coffee reports, publications, webinars and much more. Note: to get all this information, you need to be an active member. 
  • Then there is a space dedicated exclusively to coffee. There are pages and publications about the essence of coffee, its history, the journey from seed to cup, proper storage, coffee roasters, everything about decaffeinated and organic coffee, coffee in the world and much more information. There is also educational content such as illustrated and educational series about coffee. However, the latter must be purchased in order to view it. 
  • A section on coffee, caffeine and health. It contains scientific papers, research and findings about coffee and: cancer, longevity, diabetes, and more. 
  • Finally, there are pages on sustainability and everything about the industry. 

The website is only available in English. 

Coffee magazines, newspapers and newsletters from around the world

All the websites we have seen above came mainly from official coffee institutions, governmental or non-governmental, in the world. But nowadays, the diversity of the Internet offers us other types of coffee-related content to keep us informed and entertained. 

For this reason, below we show you a list of magazines, newspapers, newsletters and much more in which coffee is a central theme. In all of them, you will find information of all kinds. Almost all of them are aimed at two types of audience: professionals of the sector and coffee lovers. 

For the first, they hold the following contents: 

  • Statistics and data 
  • News about performance and news from the sector 
  • New processes, technologies and trends 
  • The world economy 
  • Information on coffee exports and imports 
  • Draft laws, new regulations and legislation 
  • Technical aspects and information of interest to the entire coffee production process (growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and marketing). 
  • Technical reports on coffee growing areas, broken down by the countries from which they originate, with information on their geographical and climatic conditions. Many include forecasts and recommendations for coffee growing and harvesting seasons. 

For lovers and connoisseurs of coffee, these websites cover topics such as: 

  • News and current information about coffee trends. There are usually sections here that talk about brews, recipes, consumption trends, new products, etc. 
  • Coffee regions and coffee culture in their respective countries or in the world. These publications feature the beauty of coffee landscapes and biodiversity, the communities involved, social and environmental responsibility programs, the history of coffee and its cultural significance, coffee tourism, and more. 
  • Interviews with experts, baristas and various prominent figures in the world of coffee. 
  • Detailed and complete information about events, conferences, seminars, forums and other meetings and activities related to coffee. 

Here are the publications: 

Coffee Events 

Coffee is more than just the production process and the sale. For this reason, today there are many events of great international importance. Most of them are barista competitions, where professionals from all over the world show who is the best in different categories. 

For the coffee fans who like to participate in these competitions and other activities, we have gathered the websites of the most famous events.