Can Coffee replace Water?

Coffee consumption is increasing worldwide and now billions of cups are drunk every year. But have you ever wondered if coffee can serve as a water intake?

Does drinking coffee lead to hydration or dehydration?

Water in the coffee

Because the caffeine in regular coffee can have a mild diuretic effect, many believe that coffee has a dehydrating effect. But in this case, it doesn’t really matter.

The consumption of caffeinated coffee leads to a slight increase in urine output, but not to a greater loss of fluids.

According to EveryDay Health, the Mayo Clinic notes that you don’t get the same fluid or hydration benefit from a cup of coffee as you do from a cup of water.

A study published in September 2015 in the Journal of Science and Medicine found that an athlete who consumes an average of about 300 milligrams of caffeine per day loses about 15 percent of the fluid consumed due to the diuretic effect of coffee.

However, water is still the best option to meet most of your daily fluid needs.

Increase in daily coffee consumption

According to Ialimentos magazine, coffee consumption in Colombia has risen to an average of 3.7 cups per person per day after two years of the pandemic, during which Colombians spent more time at home.

This increase is largely due to changing trends in coffee consumption, which now has expert tasters.

It is important to highlight that in recent years the new consumer has developed a greater preference for specialty coffee, i.e. more emphasis on proper preparation and the culture surrounding the beverage.

Coffee as water intake

Our body is made up of about 60% water and every system depends on water. Therefore, water is important for healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as for controlling body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.

While a cup of coffee isn’t as hydrating as a glass of water, you can expect to stay hydrated on a daily basis. Coffee has a diuretic effect, which is why it is believed that 50% of a cup of coffee counts as liquid.

A cup of coffee without drinking additional water does not lead to dehydration, but drinking several or many cups of coffee without drinking water does.

How much coffee can I drink to stay hydrated?

If staying hydrated is one of your personal health goals, water is still your best bet. However, if you drink a few cups of coffee each day, you can continue to do so and have some of that count towards your personal hydration goal.