What is Coffee Honey?

What is Coffee Honey?

This coffee has nothing to do with honey, but its naming is a bit confusing. This method comes from Brazil and is popular in the country. Coffee Honey is so called because of the drying process.

As the coffee dries, it leaves a sticky, honey-like layer. This happens at the moment the bean separates from the coffee cherry, exposing the layer of mucilage that becomes sticky as it dries.

Growing process

The cultivation of coffee is the same as any other, the difference lies in the process of fermentation, drying and roasting.

Types of Honey Coffee

There are three types of honey coffee. This distinguishes the moisture, the heat and the oxidation of the sugar.

White honey

This type of coffee differs from the others for the washing technique, which is mechanical, leaving a little mucilage on the bean, and requires a 14-hour fermentation.

Yellow honey

The yellow honey is usually half-washed and has a little more slime on the grain. This variety does not require hours of fermentation, after digestion it is left to dry for 8 days.

Golden Hone

The golden honey is dried at lower humidity, ie in sunny and warm weather, which speeds up the drying process.

Red Honey

Red Honey is processed in more shady conditions as this ensures effective drying. After the pulping, it ferments for 20 hours and is then dried on an African bed for 12 days.

Black Honey

Black honey dries the longest. It is dried in the shade and takes twice as long as other honey coffees.

Types of drying

The coffee is dried either under a dome or on African beds.

Production Honey coffee

The production of honey coffee is more labor intensive and takes longer than other processing. However, there is a demand for this more expensive coffee because the processing brings out certain flavor notes more powerfully.

Interesting facts about honey coffee

  • Harvest time is 60 to 90 days.
  • The drying process is very labor intensive.
  • There is a risk of mold forming during the drying process.

Differences between honey coffee and other types of Coffee


The honey coffee is characterized by its characteristic taste and its very intense aroma.


The quality is notorious, because the long process and the production make up its unmistakable taste.


Honey coffee takes longer to make, so its price is reflected in that aspect.