Coffee Grinders Guide – Manual and Electric

You don’t have to be a barista or always go to a coffee shop to have a delicious coffee, you just need to have the right tools or utensils. How about you could make a drink of excellent quality yourself? 

One of the main keys to getting a good result is the grinding of the beans. Coffee will always taste much better if it is brewed from freshly ground beans. That way, you will feel the aroma and original taste of coffee more strongly in the drink. To achieve this, having a coffee grinder is key. 

So this time we will show you a guide on coffee grinders.

History of the coffee grinder

In general, the grinding of food and different grains is a process that has been done since ancient times in different civilizations. For example, in Latin America, it is a practice that indigenous cultures did with corn or chocolate. Originally, the stone mortar was the tool used to make such a process.

When coffee came to Europe by the 16th century, a mortar was used to grind spices. However, the outcome was not always the expected one because many grains were left unground, others were not ground properly, and in the end, the result was very uneven.

As coffee was positioned as a beverage consumed primarily among royalty or wealthy families, such an outcome was not acceptable. So the need arose for a specific device that would grind coffee in a better way. This is how the first coffee grinders began to be made properly. 

Its inventor is unknown, but the grinder undoubtedly revolutionized the way coffee was consumed as it was soon found in the homes of many families, not only the most privileged. 

It was partly thanks to the grinder that coffee, in the 17th century, quickly spread through Europe as a high-consumption drink.

How did it evolve?

Despite its success, it was still a rough model that didn’t properly grind 100% of the coffee beans. That’s why it had to evolve until the desired mechanism and design were achieved. Which, in fact, is not much different from many models today.

In the beginning, the first models that were almost mass-produced, started out as a single carved piece of wood, usually walnut, in which coffee was ground with a crank. 

Next, another grinder with a similar design called the hourglass appears. It consisted of two cones that were joined by a bayonet mount in the middle and used to come with a leg that was attached to the table for ease of use.

Later in 1840, the winning model of the time was made of wood and metal by the brothers Jean Pierre and Jean Frédéric Peugeot. This was made of wood, but unlike the grinders that already existed, it was cube-shaped and had a drawer at the bottom into which the coffee fell as it was being ground at the top. 

Over time, the Peugeot family introduced to the market other models such as the wall-mounted grinder. And to this day, Peugeot Saveurs continues to manufacture both coffee grinders as well as grinders for spices and other ingredients.

Interesting fact:
Today we know Peugeot for the manufacture of luxury and high-quality cars, however, originally it was a company engaged in the creation and production of kitchen tools. It started with the coffee grinder and later with salt shakers and pepper mills, among others.
Over time the company was further expanding its portfolio until Armand Peugeot introduced the manufacture of bicycles and motor cars. However, the latter were not expected to continue in production due to the risk they implied. 
That is why, due to a conflict of interest between the owners, Armand Peugeot decides to create his own company called: Société Anonyme des Automobiles Peugeot (Peugeot Automobiles Limited Company), dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of cars.
From then on, Peugeot began its journey as a car manufacturer and Peugeot Saveurs, the initial company, as a creator and marketer of kitchen tools. Despite this separation, both companies are recognized worldwide for their luxury and high-quality products.

For a long time, the manual coffee grinder was used, until later the electric one entered the market. Thus, different models and improvements began to appear until reaching the grinders that we find today.

Types of coffee grinders

A coffee grinder is a tool that was created primarily to grind coffee beans so that they can be used for brewing and later served as a drink. 

It is composed of two main parts. The first is the container or space in which the grains are deposited. This is where the milling cutters or millstones are located. The second is the compartment in which coffee is deposited when it is already ground.

In the market, you can find mainly two types of grinders, manual and electric. Both are very good options and choosing which to use depends on our needs. So that you have a clearer idea of how they look and work, we will show you 5 recommendations for each.

Manual coffee grinder

This grinder is very simple to operate. Basically, you only need to turn a small wheel or crank to start grinding the coffee. Then it falls into a container and is ready to collect and brew later.

In general, there are several types of manual grinders. 

On the one hand, there are the traditional cube-shaped and wooden ones with a more vintage style, but still very functional and effective. 

On the other hand, we find those that have a cylindrical shape and are mainly made of stainless steel, plastic, or even wood, similar to pepper grinders.

To take into account

When validating the option of having a manual grinder, it is also important to know if it fits your needs. Therefore, we will now tell you a few aspects that you need to keep in mind.

  • They usually have little capacity, so are not recommended if you’re used to grinding large amounts of coffee.
  • The grinding process is not always that fast and it depends on the pace at which we do it.
  • Ceramic grinding wheels are less likely to heat up and transmit that heat to coffee, so coffee retains its original taste and aroma better.
  • Although many come with grinding degrees, generally, it can be a little more difficult to regulate the final bean thickness.
  • At first, the grinding wheels require constant adjustment and can feel rough when grinding. After a few grinds, it is when they begin to soften.

Now, so that you have a better idea of how they look and work, we will show you 5 excellent quality manual coffee grinders offered in the market.

Hario Mini Mill Plus compact manual coffee grinder

This manual grinder is one of the best sellers because of its great quality and functionality. It is compact in size, black at the top, transparent at the bottom, and is made of plastic. 

It is from the Japanese brand Hario, one of the most outstanding in the market for its history of manufacturing different kitchen utensils. Especially those related to coffee. Therefore, it is definitely one of the best options. 

Its features are:

  • Thanks to its compact size, it is very easy to use and is also portable.
  • It gives a constant and precise grinding thanks to its milling cutters or ceramic grinding wheels. Therefore, they don’t transmit heat to the beans or change their taste or aroma.
  • It can hold up to 24 g of coffee, equivalent to about 2 cups.
  • It has a transparent window at the bottom, so it is easy to measure and observe the coffee.
  • It is possible to adjust the desired degree of grinding.
  • It has a new reinforced hexagonal adapter on the crank to make it stronger.

To take into account:

  • In case the milling cutter or grinding wheel is damaged or broken, getting the replacement can be a bit difficult.
  • In some cases, some grains may get stuck to the bottom, so you may need to give the grinder “extra” help.

Henry Charles – Oliver James manual coffee grinder

It is also one of the most prominent and sold grinders in the market. 

It has a cylindrical stainless steel body with adjustable ceramic grinding wheels. 

It is from the Henry Charles brand, known in the coffee world for its premium, professional and high-quality grinders. 

Its features are:

  • Due to its adjustable grinder, you can have more control over the degree of grinding that is desired. Whether fine, medium, or thick.
  • It supports to grind coffee to be brewed in Chemex, Moka pot, espresso machine, Aeropress, dripper, French press, and many more coffee makers.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • It is ideal for use both at home and on trips or in places such as the office. No wires or batteries are required.
  • It features ceramic grinding wheels designed to be 5 times more durable and sturdy.
  • All its parts are removable, therefore it is easy to clean.
  • Holds approximately 2 cups of coffee.

To be taken into account:

  • Grinding the beans can take a little more time compared to other grinders, especially if you want them very fine.
  • Although it is easy to clean, you should always dry it very well. It is possible that if you let it dry 100% naturally, there will be some water left that can then become moisture.

JavaPresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder 

This product is one of the most popular among users. 

It has an elongated design, which makes it easy and convenient to use. It doesn’t take up much space and is portable, so you can use it at home, in the office, and when you go on a trip. 

Its features are:

  • It has 18 settings to adjust the degree of grinding of the beans according to the type of coffee you want to make. It can also go according to the coffee maker to be used, be it the express, French press, Chemex, etc.
  • Total control of the degree of grinding of the beans.
  • It comes with conical ceramic grinding wheels that are 5 times stronger and durable, and also enhance the taste of coffee beans.
  • No batteries, power, or cables are needed. It is ideal for use not only at home but also on the go or in other settings.
  • It’s not very loud.
  • It has a grinding capacity of up to 35 g of coffee, that is, a little more than two cups.

To take into account:

  • It has little capacity, therefore it is not recommended if you constantly brew large amounts of coffee.
  • You can’t see very clearly if the beans are completely ground until you stop grinding and take out the coffee.

Cooko manual coffee grinder

This compact size professional grinder is portable. Therefore, it is ideal for those who are constantly commuting between home and office or on the road.  

It is made of plastic and glass, its grinding wheels are ceramic, and the handle is stainless steel. 

Its features are:

  • It is possible to adjust the grinding wheels according to the desired degree of grinding. If you want the beans to be fine, you need to rotate clockwise. To make them thick, you need to turn in the opposite direction.  
  • It has a capacity of about 100 g, which is much more than various options.
  • It features a non-slip base that serves as a stand and makes grinding coffee easier.
  • It is simple to wash.
  • It comes with two bowls for depositing coffee and a brush.

To take into account:

  • It may take a while to grind the coffee, especially when the expected result is fine grinding.
  • For washing, do not use abrasive substances or cleaning products.

MLMLANT manual coffee grinder

This MLMLANT product is designed to provide high-quality coffee grinding. Also, it is perfect for you to use in different places due to its compact size. 

It is made of stainless steel and features a ceramic conical grinding wheel. 

Its features are:

  • It features an adjustable grinding selector and 18 settings. This way you can have more control over the degree you want. Whether fine, medium, or coarse grinding.
  • It is compatible with various types of coffee makers. You can adjust the grinding to be used in a French press, Chemex, espresso machine, Moka pot, among others.
  • Its ceramic grinding wheels are long-lasting and don’t transmit heat to the beans.
  • Its cylindrical shape and size allow you to use it in different places, not only at home.
  • No batteries, power, or cables are required.
  • Its parts are removable, which facilitates the cleaning process with soap and water.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush and a storage bag for the beans.
  • It’s not very loud.
  • It holds approximately two cups of coffee.

To take into account:

  • It may take a while to grind the coffee, especially when the expected result is fine grinding.

Electric coffee grinder

We could say that an electric coffee grinder is the improved version of the manual. The main difference is that with an electric one you don’t have to move a crank to grind the coffee, you only need electricity for it to work and press a button.

For many, it is a better choice because it is quite easy to use, and clearly, much faster than manual grinders. 

Its operation is simple. These come with a switch located on the front or top and you are only required to press it to activate it. There are two models, the automatic ones and the ones whose button we have to keep hold for it to work. 

They are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and can come with blades also made of steel or ceramic grinding wheels.

To take into account

For purchasing an electric coffee grinder, there are some aspects to keep in mind that we will explain below:

  • Stainless steel blades can grind beans evenly, but this is not always the case.
  • Due to the motor, when grinding for a long time, the blades can be heated and transmit unwanted flavors to the coffee. However many companies today seek to counteract that.
  • On the other hand, with ceramic grinding wheels, there is less risk that they will overheat, so they can be the best choice.
  • Another option to avoid overheating is that the grinder is made mainly of stainless steel.
  • You have to validate the grinding options they have. The best are those that can grind beans for various types of coffee makers, that is, fine, medium, and coarse.
  • Capacity is important according to the amount of coffee you usually make. Electric grinders usually have more capacity than manual ones.
  • It is always advisable to look into the cleaning process. You should generally be more careful when washing the electric ones.
  • Since they require electricity, they are more for home use or places with electric outlets, then it is not an advisable option to take on a trip.

Now, so that you have a better idea of what the market offers, we will recommend 5 models of electric coffee grinders.

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind electric coffee grinder

This product is one of the best sellers due to its quality and its ease of operation. 

It comes with a grinding chamber on top to put the coffee beans there. It also features a power button on the back to activate it. 

Its features are:

  • It doesn’t make much noise compared to other grinders. So you won’t have to worry about noise in the mornings or at night.
  • It has a grinding capacity for approximately 12 cups of coffee.
  • It features a removable grinding chamber, so it is much easier to wash and clean.
  • It uses long-lasting stainless steel blades.
  • You can grind coffee beans and spices.
  • At the bottom, there is a special compartment for storing the cable to avoid taking up much space in the kitchen.

To take into account:

  • It only features a grinding setting and the button must be pressed all the time for it to work. This means that there is no guide to choose the degree of grinding you want, therefore, you have to know how ground you want the coffee.
  • It is not possible to schedule the coffee grinding time.

Sboly automatic electric coffee grinder

This grinder is one of the best-rated on Amazon because of its features and performance. 

It is made of stainless steel and features adjustable conical grinding wheels. Besides, it is fully automatic, so you don’t have to keep any button pressed to make it work. 

Its features are:

  • The conical design of the stainless steel grinding wheels grinds more evenly and better maintains the original taste of the coffee.
  • It has an auto power-off function.
  • It features 19 grinding settings for greater control of the bean’s final texture.
  • It has a maximum capacity to grind what is needed for 12 cups. Also, this grinding volume is adjustable. If you want to prepare less than 12 cups you can adjust it.
  • It is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • It comes with a spoon-brush that allows you, on the one hand, to measure the coffee, and on the other, to clean the remains.
  • Its engine is not very noisy.
  • Spices can also be ground.

To take into account:

  • Some users comment that it can make a bit of a mess when you take out the coffee already ground.

Shardor electric coffee and spice grinder

This grinder is not only perfect for grinding coffee beans, but also for any spice you can think of. Also, it has two grinding cups you can choose from depending on how much you want to grind, they are stainless steel and removable. 

Its features are:

  • Grind coffee beans as desired, whether fine, medium, or thick. You just need to press the lid for the necessary time.
  • It is fast, you can obtain the desired grind within 15 seconds or more, depending on how you need it.
  • It features 2 grinding cups. One has two blades and is ideal for coffee and other grains or seeds. The other comes with 4 blades for processing spices such as basil, among others.
  • Both cups can be easily removed, making cleaning simple.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It has a spoon-brush.
  • It has a powerful but very quiet engine.

To take into account:

  • According to some users, when you grind wet or damp food, such as some spices or garlic, it gets dirty easily and can make a mess.

Aigostar electric coffee grinder

This grinder is ergonomic and simply designed. It can grind the beans required for 12 cups of coffee, both efficiently and quickly. 

Its features are:

  • It can take 8 to 20 seconds to grind the coffee, depending on the thickness you want and the type of coffee maker to be used.
  • Although it is compact in size, it has a large grinding capacity. It can produce up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • It features very durable stainless steel blades.
  • It is also used to grind other grains or spices.
  • It is activated by pressing the lid.
  • It comes with a brush included.

To take into account:

  • If it is not allowed to cool sufficiently between each grind, it can heat the coffee beans and also shut down.
  • Care should be taken not to leave it on for more than 30 seconds because it can fail or overheat.
  • It cannot be washed with water and the brush is a bit small.

Mueller Ultra Grind electric coffee grinder

This grinder can be considered as one of the professional range. It is perfect for obtaining ground coffee for espresso, French press, drip coffee, among other methods. 

Also, it is very durable thanks to its improved gears and hardened alloy steel material. 

Its features are:

  • It has a large capacity. It is perfect if you usually brew a lot of coffee or if you constantly need it for meetings or events. It can produce up to 32 cups of coffee.
  • It has hardened steel conical grinding wheels. This guarantees not only an ideal grinding but also the device’s long life.
  • It has 10 grinding settings, so you have control over the thickness of the bean, from the finest to the coarsest degree.
  • It preserves the original aroma and taste of the coffee.
  • It includes a grinding guide.
  • The top wheels are removable for easier cleaning. It also comes with a special brush for that.
  • It automatically stops at the end of the chosen grinding cycle.
  • It features a powerful but quiet engine.

To take into account:

  • The surface and the grinder can get dirty in some cases.
  • Sometimes, some beans can get stuck in the bottom where the grinding wheel doesn’t reach, therefore, you have to unblock them or avoid grinding few beans.
  • It is large, so it can take up a little more space in the kitchen compared to other grinders.

Aspects to consider when grinding coffee

Having a coffee grinder is critical to the coffee grinding process. Today they are not only fast and efficient but also a great help for those who are not experts in this process. Especially the automatic electric grinders. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t know a thing or two about the coffee process.

That is why to help you have the best experience when grinding coffee, we will also tell you some aspects you must bear in mind to ensure the best result.

  • Coffee beans must be pre-stored correctly. In this way, when it is ground, its quality, aroma, and taste will continue to be preserved.
  • It is important to create the good habit of weighing the beans before grinding them. This will help you grind as much as you need without residue or leftovers.
  • It is essential to know the degree of grinding you want. So you will correctly extract the taste and aroma of coffee. Also, this must be according to the coffee maker you are going to use.
  • When you grind the coffee very finely, an over-extraction can occur. This will make it taste more bitter, then you better grind the bean coarser.
  • When the bean is left too coarse, a sub extraction occurs. This leaves a sour taste and causes the original aroma and taste of coffee to not be completely extracted.


Taking our first steps towards the making of a delicious and high-quality coffee is actually easier than we think if we have the right utensils. The coffee grinder will definitely be one of your first allies in this process. It will make your cup of coffee fresher and better preserve its aroma and taste.

For your convenience, the market offers many options and types of grinders from which to choose, whether manual or electric.

Therefore, we hope that after this tour of the history and types of coffee grinders, you will be encouraged to enter the vast but beautiful world of coffee and start using your own tools to make the best coffee from home.