Coffee Festivals in Colombia – An Overview

Colombia is one of the world’s leading countries in coffee production. Not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively, Colombia is one of the world leaders. Coffee is also celebrated in Colombia like no other country and there are numerous festivals in all growing regions.

A gala for coffee

In Colombia there are two major and important events for the country’s coffee culture. These events are aimed at target groups such as families, enthusiasts, connoisseurs and the curious interested in the world of coffee.

There is a variety of coffees from different regions of Colombia, activities, lectures and sometimes even concerts.

These events (Coffee Fest & Coffee Master) are all about celebrating and rewarding the most emblematic products of Colombia and being a showcase for their commercialization.

Coffee Fest Colombia

The Coffee Fest took place for the first time in 2019. It was born out of the need to share large quantities of high-quality Colombian coffee with the public.

“Colombians want to know more about their national drink, its origin, its properties and how to make it better and easier. This is the first major event for everyone who is already looking for good coffee and also for those who are not yet regular coffee drinkers”, says Lucy Londoño, organizer of the BCF.

When does the Coffee Fest take place?

The organization of this festival usually takes place every year in October in connection with the International Coffee Day.

The last edition was held at the Claustro de Usaquén in Bogotá (Cra. nos. 118-40) and it is expected that the same location will be retained, albeit subject to changes in the respective planning.

What happens at the Coffee Fest?

During the event there will be lectures, tastings and workshops for beginners and amateurs. In addition, the last edition of BOGOTA COFFEE FEST had 50 exhibitors, including many of the best coffees in the country, producers with their own brands, roasters with a first-class offer and exporters for visitors to taste and buy.

You will also find a wide range of coffee machines, filter methods, espresso machines and many accessories that make it even easier for participants to prepare and enjoy a good cup of coffee at home or in the office.

Coffee Tasting Rooms

In the specialty coffee section, you’ll find specialties like Lohas Beans, Azahar, Santa Teresa, Café Cultor, Zuluaga Coffee, and Black Mountain, among many other fine coffees from Colombia.

Filtrate Lounge

You can take a tour of 10 brewing stations and learn all the secrets of making coffee.

The baristas will show you the different coffee-making techniques so that your next coffee will be even better!

Coffee theater

Featuring images from the history of Colombian coffee, sensory and interactive experiences to learn more about this iconic drink in an innovative way and in the best style of the world’s capitals. In total, more than 6,000 visitors from the region and other parts of the country are expected to attend the celebrations, while tourists from around the world enjoy the country’s largest Coffee Fest.

Coffee talks

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear stories from experts about coffee, cocoa and other beverage-related topics.

Gear Lounge

Would you like to open a coffee shop, expand your cupping laboratory or build a coffee shop? Here you can contact and negotiate with companies that sell these products in Colombia.

Coffee Master Colombia

One of the most important gastronomic events that took place for the fourth time in August 2022 in the streets of the city of Bogota.

The gastronomic initiative seeks the best recommendations from baristas and establishments that offer the best coffees, their origins and, of course, their specialties.

Coffee lovers have the opportunity to find the participating Coffee Master drinks in 35 coffee shops in and around the city and to vote for their favorite, which of course is possible once the dates of the event are known.

Competition with coffee

At the end of the last edition of the event, the five stores with the most votes and the highest consumption of products will compete against each other. The final will take place on the last day of the event in Bogotá.

Attendees at this event can taste each attendee’s drink and then vote for Coffee Master Colombia’s best coffee drink.

Participating local coffee houses

The participating shops so far have been:

  • Coffee lover
  • Quipile coffee
  • Cofibinz
  • Coffee Colombia
  • La Tinteria coffee
  • Craniosacral
  • Madre Mia Arepas with coffee
  • Minka specialty coffee
  • Café Mundano
  • Tesla specialty coffees and teas
  • Rodson coffee
  • Jon Dech coffee
  • Dome coffee
  • Levels roasted coffee
  • Uno13 Cinema Cafe
  • Baptista coffee
  • Tropicalia Coffee Co
  • La Parla Work Cafe
  • Selina Colombia
  • La Casa Del Cafe Artesanal


These Coffee Festivals are a great opportunity for small business owners related to the coffee industry to showcase their product or service and gain better positioning of it and their brand.

At the same time, these events are an opportunity to learn a lot not only about Colombian coffee, but about coffee in general.