Caribbean Coffee Recipe Made Easy

What is Caribbean coffee?

The Caribbean coffee comes from the countries of the Caribbean.

As we have seen in other blogs, with coffee as a base we can make all sorts of delicious recipes. One of its peculiarities is that it not only combines very well with chocolate or vanilla but also goes perfectly with liqueur.

The special twist in this preparation is rum liqueur. Caribbean coffee consists of coffee to which you add rum and finally whipped cream. For an extra touch, a little vanilla and sugar are often added as well.

Ingredients for Caribbean coffee

The Caribbean coffee recipe is really very simple, and you will need:

  • A cup of double espresso or strong black coffee.
  • 30 ml (1 fl oz) of rum.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Brown sugar or syrup.

You can use different cups to serve Caribbean coffee: a cappuccino, cocktail or Irish coffee cup. It depends on how you want to present the coffee.

How to make Caribbean coffee?

As simple as the ingredients are, so is the preparation. However, thanks to the liquor, you can make it in two different ways. It is possible to make a traditional Caribbean coffee and a flambé coffee, but don’t worry, here is an easy and safe way to try it at home.

Also, you can always try with a lot of different ingredients!

The traditional way

  1. Brew a double espresso or a strong black coffee. You can use any coffee maker for this if you don’t have an espresso machine.
  2. Pour the rum into the cup and add the sugar or syrup. The quantity is up to your taste. Then stir well until the ingredients are well combined.
  3. Add the hot coffee and stir.
  4. Finally, add a layer of whipped cream on top.
  5. Enjoy!


  1. Brew a double espresso or a strong black coffee.
  2. Heat the rum and sugar (or syrup) in a small saucepan. If you like, you can also add vanilla, cloves, and/or cinnamon.
  3. Stir until the sugar dissolves.
  4. Before boiling, light the liquid with a kitchen torch, a lighter, or a match.
  5. A small flame will appear but don’t panic. Stir with something metallic until the flame goes out, or gently move the pan in a circular motion.
  6. Then you can add the coffee and pour it into the cup after. Or you can add the rum to the cup and then add the hot coffee.
  7. Finally, add a layer of whipped cream on top.
  8. Enjoy!

Tips for making good coffee

The coffee:

One of the most important factors for a delicious coffee are the coffee beans. You can find a lot of information about them on our website.

Also, remember that coffee tastes much better when it is freshly ground. This gives the drink a more pronounced flavor and aroma. For this purpose, a coffee grinder is essential. Nowadays there are several models that are very easy and quick to use.


It is obvious that great care must be taken when working with fire. However, it is not dangerous, keep in mind the following:

  • Before working with fire, clear the work area so that you don’t accidentally set something on fire. Also, a good space helps when working in the kitchen.
  • Don’t place flammable (or combustible) items nearby.
  • The stirring tool should be metal and long so that your hands are not so close to the flames.
  • The flame will not be high and will not burn for long due to the amount of alcohol. So don’t worry, be careful, and enjoy the process! The final taste will be worth it.

The rum

For this recipe, you should use dark rum, i.e. aged, black or golden rum. The cheapest hooch will not improve the taste anyway, so choose a reasonably good product for the rum as well.

Extra flavors

If you want to give it an even stronger flavor than rum, you can also add vanilla or spices like cinnamon and cloves. But whipped cream already has vanilla flavor, so, you don’t need to add extra vanilla. It’s just that in some countries you get unflavored whipped cream.