Building a Coffee Bar at Home – A guide

A coffee bar or your own coffee station is the dream of every coffee lover. Setting up a coffee bar at home is not that difficult.

What is a coffee bar?

A coffee bar is basically a piece of furniture designed for making coffee. A coffee bar should be easily accessible and offer enough space for all utensils and coffee making.

A coffee bar usually has shelves, work surfaces, as well as racks and drawers to keep all utensils organized.

Advanced coffee bars also have electricity and water connections, a sink and possibly a small dishwasher and stovetop.

Choose a place in your home

The first and most important step is choosing the location in the apartment or house. In most cases, you will opt for a location in the kitchen or near the kitchen. Of course, this also depends on how much living space you have available.

You should also think about access to electricity and water.

Customize your space

As soon as you have chosen a place for the future coffee bar, you should think about the following further thoughts.

Lighting for coffee bar

Will the place be lit by natural light or are lamps already in place? Do you need to install additional light sources? Does direct sunlight affect food stored there or can the workplace get very hot?

Climate for coffee bar

Will the coffee bar be built in a high humidity location? What influences do cold, heat, moisture or dryness have on the processes, the work equipment or the people at the planned location?

Mix and match styles for coffee bar

What style is cultivated in the area and how should one design the coffee bar so that it does not appear too invasive?

A coffee bar can also act as a complement to the given style. What materials can and should you use?

Customize the color of your walls

The color of your walls is also very important as it makes your coffee bar stand out. For example, if your furniture is light brown and your walls are white, you can paint the area where you will place your coffee bar black or dark color to make that area more eye-catching.

Accessories for your walls

Once you have decided on the colors of your coffee bar, you can start thinking about the decoration.

Buy furniture for coffee bar or make it yourself?

Of course, the greatest satisfaction comes from personally crafting furniture. However, this is not possible for everyone.

Regardless of whether you build the furniture yourself or buy it, you should definitely take the exact measurements in advance.


Before you start setting up your own coffee bar at home, here are some tips.

  • You can find a lot of inspiration on the internet. Do your research first.
  • Think about what accessories you want on your coffee bar so you can determine the required dimensions.
  • You can combine your furniture with some shelves and shelves to hold everything from coffee mugs to plants.
  • Where is the nearest electricity and water connection?
  • What dishes do you want to use?
  • Can everything also be cleaned well?