The 11 Best Organic Coffees and Reasons to Try Them

What are the benefits of consuming organic coffee? How do I know that it is really organic? Can I find an organic coffee with a good taste and aroma? These questions may be going through your mind right now. However, don’t worry! Here we answer those and many more questions along with the 11 best organic coffees that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. 

What is organic coffee? 

In summary, organic coffee is produced without the use of chemical substances such as additives, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  

This means that the cultivation requires much more effort, resulting in a more expensive product for the customer. Organic coffee can therefore be about 20% more expensive than a traditionally grown coffee. 

How is organic coffee grown? 

Before a farm can grow certified organic coffee, it must demonstrate certain growing conditions, which vary from country to country. Some countries require proof that the soil has been free of chemicals for at least 3 to 5 years. Also, instead of chemical fertilizers, coffee mucilage and other organic fertilizers are used. This means that the taste of the fruit is not altered by pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. 

In addition, natural enemies of pests (birds) are often used to provide additional protection for the coffee grown. Therefore, one often hears about bird-friendly coffee cultivation. The cultivation and harvesting of coffee are mostly done by hand by coffee farmers. Coffee trees grow in the shade so that they are protected from very high or low temperatures. 

Finally, organic coffee beans must be roasted in roasting facilities that produce only chemical-free coffee. Moreover, no chemical is added during the roasting process.  

This same care also goes to the materials used to transport the coffee. It is important to ensure that the coffee is not contaminated at any stage of the process. 

How do you know that a coffee is organic?

There are specific laws in each country for a product to be considered organic and to carry the corresponding seal. 

Many coffees on the market are sold as environmentally friendly even though they are not certified. Therefore, it is important to know what certifications exist in the market so that you can be sure that you are buying an organic product. 

  • USDA: This is the certification in the United States. Generally, one of the conditions for USDA certification is that the soil has not been treated with chemical substances in the last three years. In addition, farms must have a program for crop rotation, waste and residue management, and organic fertilizers. 
  • LPO: The Mexican Organic Products Law is the regulation responsible for certifying products that meet organic standards. Once a product is certified, it is only valid for one year. Therefore, producers must prove annually that they can continue to bear the organic seal. 
  • COR: This is the certification for Canada and Quebec. The latter has slightly more regulations than the rest of Canada, so there are two documents that specify the requirements for being certified as organic. 
  • EU: This is the certification for all countries in the European Union. Together with USDA, these are the two most common certifications.  
  • Organic food: In the case of Colombia, certification is granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It is a relatively new certification, especially for products exported to the United States, Canada and some European countries. It is not yet very well known, but is becoming more common in various organic products. 

The 11 best organic coffees on the market 

Kicking Horse Coffee – Kick Ass Coffee Beans 

Country of origin: Indonesia and South America 

Tasting notes: Smoky chocolate 

Degree of roasting: Dark 

This coffee can be used for any brew. However, the brand recommends it for drip coffee makers and cold brew. It is roasted in Canada and is USDA certified in the United States and COR certified in Canada. It is also Fair Trade certified, which ensures that the workers involved in its production were treated with dignity. 

This coffee has a strong flavor, ideal for intense coffee fans. However, the brand also offers Smart Ass coffee, which has a medium roast with lower acidity and a fruitier, sweeter taste. There is also a decaffeinated coffee. 

Three references from which you can choose your favorite. All are organic, Fair Trade certified, and kosher. 

Jose’s – Organic Mayan Blend Coffee Beans 

Tasting notes: Sweet and chocolaty  

Degree of roasting: Medium-high

This Arabica coffee is USDA certified. The brand offers other coffees of different origins and flavor profiles to choose from. This one has a very floral and delicate aroma with a full body. In the final sip of this coffee, you will feel a very smooth and creamy texture. It is a great coffee for the cost and taste it offers you. 

Real Good Coffee – Organic Dark Coffee Beans

Country of origin: Sumatra 

Tasting notes: Spices, wood and lemon 

Degree of roasting: Dark

This product is a blend of Arabica coffees that have a very classic taste, perfect for your morning cup. It is invigorating, so you can start your day with the energy you need. It has low acidity and leaves a lemony taste in your mouth. 

It is roasted and packaged in Seattle, USA by this company that has more than 30 years of experience in the market. Although we opted for the dark roast coffee here, the brand offers 4 different roast levels that you can choose according to your needs and tastes. 

It is USDA certified and its packaging is made of recyclable materials.  

Bulletproof – The Original Coffee Beans

Country of origin: Colombia and Guatemala  

Tasting notes: Cinnamon, orange and chocolate  

Degree of roasting: Medium 

This washed coffee is amazing for the flavors you can perceive in the cup. It also has a vanilla and chocolate aroma that makes it even more desirable. 

It is free of toxins and chemicals so you get a pure and clean drink. Not only is it organic, but it’s also certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which promotes good agricultural practices that benefit the environment and local communities. Speaking of environmental and social benefits: the brand works directly with coffee farms to ensure they receive fair payment for their product. 

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC – Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

Country of origin: Ethiopia  

Tasting notes: Sweet tangerine, lemon and lime  

Degree of roasting: Medium

Ethiopian coffee is known for its Yirgacheffe variety, which is one of the most widely grown varieties in the country. This coffee is not only USDA certified, but also Fair Trade certified, which is very important in Ethiopia. It is roasted and packaged by the American company known for its coffees of various origins. This company’s roasters are environmentally friendly, so they reduce the carbon footprint of the process.  

Although here you see the specifications of the coffee beans, you can also get it in compostable or recyclable capsules to avoid waste. This washed coffee features citrus and sweet notes that balance each other very well. It is sweet and finishes with a dry, citrus flavor. 

Café Don Pablo – Suthil Earth Coffee Beans

Country of origin: Honduras 

Tasting notes: Chocolate, honey and caramel

Degree of roasting: Medium-dark 

This Arabica coffee is characterized by low acidity, a velvety body and an intense flavor. In the end, you have a sweet and roasted taste on the palate that balances out very well. We opted for a medium-dark roasted coffee, but you can choose between three degrees of roast, depending on your preferences. It is roasted in the United States in small batches, so you get the greatest freshness in each package. 

It is grown in the highlands of Marcala, a well-known region of Honduras. The coffee cherry pulp is used as fertilizer and peppers are planted around to repel other insects. 

Death Wish Coffee – Coffee Beans

Tasting notes: Cherry and chocolate

Degree of roasting: Dark 

Death Wish coffee beans are a blend of the best Arabica and Robusta beans. For this reason, it contains more caffeine. This coffee is not only USDA organic certified, but also Fair Trade. It is strong in flavor. So if you prefer a very mild coffee, it may not be ideal for you.  

This coffee is slow-roasted to reach a level where the flavors and caffeine content are almost double that of a regular cup of coffee.  However, this is not synonymous with bitterness. It has an intense taste with pleasant flavor notes and low acidity. It is roasted in New York in batches of less than 65 pounds to give you freshness and quality in each package. 

Overall, this coffee is perfect for those looking for an organic product with a high dose of caffeine. What its customers notice most is the energy you can get from a cup of this coffee without compromising on good taste. Besides being a very strong coffee, it is also one of the best in the organic category. 

Mavericks Coffee Roasters – Midnight Ride Ground Coffee

Country of origin: United States 

Degree of roasting: Dark

This coffee is characterized by a very low acidity, which harmonizes nicely with its intense flavor. Just because certain coffee has low acidity doesn’t mean it’s better. It just means that some people can tolerate a less acidic coffee better due to stomach problems. At the end of a cup, you will feel a very soft taste in your mouth. 

You can buy this coffee in a package of 454 grams. The package has a zipper or a resealable system to keep the coffee fresh longer.  

Delta Cafés – Bio Coffee Ground Coffee

Country of origin: Latin America and Africa

Degree of roasting: Medium

This coffee is a blend of Latin American Arabica beans and African Robusta beans. However, it is then roasted and ground in Portugal. It has an intense aroma and a strong body with medium acidity. This is achieved by combining the distinct flavors that characterize Arabica coffee with the intensity and higher caffeine content of Robusta coffee. 

This is certified organic coffee from Europe. As with the US certification, agricultural practices are followed that avoid the use of chemicals in coffee cultivation to protect the environment. 

Peet’s Coffee – French Roast Ground Coffee  

Country of origin: Colombia and Guatemala  

Tasting notes: Smoky, bittersweet and caramel

Degree of roasting: Dark 

This coffee has an intense and strong flavor due to its degree of roasting. It also has a full body. However, it does not have a bitter taste like many other commercial coffees. This is a blend of several of the best coffees from Colombia and Guatemala, characterized by a slower maturation in order to be enriched with more flavor. 

Since it has a strong flavor, it is perfect for daily espresso. It is also very easy to find. If you prefer more floral or fruity coffee, this is not for you. 

Allego Coffee – Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee

Country of origin: Blend of Latin American and Ethiopian coffees 

Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, caramel and citrus aromas

Degree of roasting: Light

This brand has a wide selection of organic coffees. They also have different degrees of roast that lead to different flavor profiles. Like other coffees we have seen in this section, this coffee is not only certified organic. It has another certification that it contains no GMOs, as well as the Fair Trade seal

Above all, the ground Breakfast Blend is characterized by high acidity and a very dominant aroma. A great advantage of blends is that you get a product that combines the best qualities of coffees from different regions. 

Advantages of organic coffee 

Drinking coffee has many health benefits, which have already been proven by several studies. However, organic coffee offers you even more. If you’re still unsure, maybe we can convince you that drinking organic coffee is a good idea. Here are some more reasons why you should try it.

Improves mental health 

This is one of the main reasons why many of us drink coffee. It’s because caffeine keeps our brains alert and focused. Of course, this is only true if you drink a reasonable amount each day. According to several studies, people who drink coffee regularly can reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia by 60%.  

So, if we want to drink coffee regularly, it is good to consider a natural product that is free of any type of chemicals that in the long run, and with constant consumption, can cause other health problems.

Organic farming 

One of the great advantages of organic products, in general, is that they protect the environment. For this reason, their consumption has increased in recent years. Possible problems with the use of chemicals include the fact that they can also get into the soil. This means that the soil becomes contaminated and, therefore, the entire ecosystem is affected.

Conversely, when these harmful products are not used, the ecosystem is maintained naturally and emits less carbon. Additionally, many of these organic crops are shaded as this aids in natural pest control. This translates into avoiding the deforestation of many areas for conventional open crops.

Better taste 

While it’s debatable whether organic coffee tastes better, we can’t deny it. Since coffee is grown naturally, it contains more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. In addition, the soil of the coffee plant has more nutrients, so it can better develop its organoleptic properties. 

Encourages and supports sustainable practices 

Many organic coffee brands don’t want to settle for certification. They always strive to make their product as attractive as possible to the public. For this reason, many of these coffees are also Fair Trade certified. This means that there are no slave laborers, underage workers or undignified wages on the farms. 

So when you buy organic and fair trade coffee, you are supporting good and sustainable practices that benefit the environment, the economy and society.  

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