The 10 Best Coffee Beans in the World

Choosing the right coffee can be a very complicated and even stressful task. The many brands, varieties, origins and even prices can be confusing.

For this reason, here you will find a quick guide to help you decide which is the best coffee bean for you. 

Why is whole bean coffee better?

One of the main reasons we and other professionals recommend whole beans is because of their freshness and taste. Coffee loses some of its aroma and taste very quickly after being ground. So if you buy ground coffee that has been in the pack for a while, it is no longer quite as fresh and has probably already lost some of its quality.

You can also enjoy the aroma of a coffee while it is being ground – an experience that you will not have with coffee that has already been ground. 

On the other hand, it’s not just about the aroma and taste. It’s also about the brewing method. The degree of grinding is decisive for the type of brew. For a French press, for example, you need coarsely ground coffee. In an espresso machine, on the other hand, you have to use a finer grind.

Top 10 of the best coffee beans in the world

Café Amador, Café Colombia 

Coffee bean variety: Arabica, blend of Caturra and Castillo

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, dried fruit and red apple

Roasting degree: Medium

Colombia is known for its excellent types of coffee. It is the third-largest coffee producer in the world. This is a washed coffee grown in the Huila region, an area known for producing mild coffees with a strong aroma. Despite its mild taste, it is suitable for making all types of coffee, as it retains its aroma. 

Café Direct, Machu Picchu Peru Coffee   

Coffee bean variety: Arabica, a blend of Bourbon, Typica and Caturra

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate

Roasting degree: Medium-High 

This coffee is grown on farms at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Peruvian Andes near the famous tourist destination Machu Picchu. This washed coffee has a mild aroma that goes very well with the taste of dark chocolate. 

This product is one of the most outstanding in terms of taste and stands out by the fact that it has two very important certifications, namely the organic and fair trade certifications.

In addition, the brand has a wide range of coffees from different regions of Peru to offer you different profiles.  

Coffee Masters, Triple Espresso Coffee (from different countries)  

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Caramel and chocolate  

Roasting degree: Medium

This coffee is a blend of the best varieties grown in Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru and Sumatra. All of these countries are known for their excellent coffees. As the name suggests, this coffee is ideal for making espressos with intense flavor and a good layer of cream. In addition, it is also often used for making cold brew coffee.   

It has a very low acidity, which harmonizes very well with the sweetness characteristic of these coffee beans. Once you have tried a cup of this coffee, it will leave a slightly spicy impression that will make the espresso even more complex.  

Like other top coffees, this product is triple certified: Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance. And if that were not enough, this brand was also the winner of the Great Taste Awards competition in 2018. 

Saula, Spain Premium Coffee   

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Chocolate

Roasting degree: Medium-High 

This coffee is characterized by a low acidity with a sweet chocolate flavor, an intense taste and aroma with a good creaminess that you will get in all the brews. This coffee from Spain is completely faithful to the tradition of the first Spanish artisanal cultivations. And this product is the result of a combination of several small plantings.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Dark Brazil Cerrado Coffee

Coffee bean variety: Arabica, a blend of Mundo Novo and Catuaí

Tasting notes: Cocoa, nutty and woody. 

Roasting degree: Medium-High

This coffee is grown in Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-growing region in Brazil, a country also known for its quality coffees. This coffee is grown on farms between 914 and 1,200 meters above sea level. It is characterized by low acidity and a strong body due to the degree of roasting but does not have a bitter taste.    

Volcanica Coffee, Tanzania Peaberry Coffee  

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Sweet mouthfeel, plum, lemongrass and nougat 

Roasting degree: Medium

Tanzanian coffee is one of the most internationally recognized and popular coffees. This particular product is even more special because it is peaberry beans. Only a small percentage of the beans in a harvest are of this type. 

It is characterized by good acidity, excellent body and intense aroma. The cup is sweet, with gentle notes of wine, citrus and fruit. 

Koffee Kult, Sumatra Mandheling Coffee 

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Chocolate and syrup

Roasting degree: Medium  

This list would not be complete without one of Indonesia’s finest coffee beans, Mandheling. It is a 100% Arabica coffee variety grown in the fertile soils of the island of Sumatra. It is characterized by a good body, medium acidity and mild flavor. Moreover, it has been roasted in an artisanal way and at the ideal time to preserve its best qualities.  

Mayorga, Café Cubano Dark Roast  

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Sweet, syrupy and with vanilla notes

Roasting degree: Dark

This is a blend of Cuban coffees that are high quality and organic. It was also grown in a sustainable and natural environment. Proof of this is the USDA Organic and Non-Gmo Verified seals. It has been carefully and slowly roasted to better extract its aromas and flavors. The result is a sweet, strong, smooth cup with hints of vanilla.  

Volcanica Coffee, Kenya AA Coffee  

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Tasting notes: Fruity with notes of blueberries, raspberries and flowers

Roasting degree: Medium

An AA coffee from Kenya is synonymous with a quality bean. Kenya, in particular, is one of the most famous countries for its top-quality coffee and therefore cannot be left out of this list. It has been grown in the best soils and climate of the Nyeri Mountains. The result is a sweet, full-bodied cup with fruity and vinous notes.   

Royal Kona, Royal Kona Hawaii  

Coffee bean variety: Arabica

Roasting degree: Medium

One of the most famous areas for excellent coffee is Kona in Hawaii. The towering volcanoes provide nutrient and mineral-rich soil that is perfect for coffee trees. This one is very special, as it is part of the private Royal Kona Reserves. It produces a very full-bodied, smooth cup of coffee with an excellent aroma.  That is why we could not leave it out in this list of the best coffee beans. It comes in a 198 g package.  

The best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is undoubtedly when we get it delivered as beans. As we could see, the world offers us a great variety of coffee of excellent quality, worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Or many times, because they would then surely be among the favorites on your list. 

After this tour of some of the best coffee beans in the world, we hope that we could encourage you to try them – you will not regret it! 

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